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First Beehive Giant Slalom

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990 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, digibeta, VHS.
"First professional Bee Hive Giant Slalom competition at Georgian Peaks in Collingwood, Ontario. Twenty-three racers from Canada, United States, Austria, Norway and Switzerland, are shown descending the race circuit. The racers include: Toni Speece, Christian Pravda, Othmar Schneider, Anderl Molterer, Stein Eriksen, Ernie McCulloch, Art Tommy, Sigurd Rokne, Hanz Gabl, Rod ?, Johny Crip?, Hanz Hader, Rich Challen, Jean Lessard, Jim Georgas, Hanz Wieland, Bill Irwin, Red McConville, Bill Georgas, Edward Popovich, M. Mayoff, Paul Williams, Don Holding, and Mario Fontana. Racers are filmed in slow motion for their second runs. Commentator provides a technical commentary on some racing techniques such as the step-turn, a new method adopted by many racers. Over 10,000 spectators are in attendance for the race. On hand to congratulare the winners are Toni Sailer from Austria, Miss Bee Hive, and Laurenn Gray of the Bee Hive Corn Starch Company presents each racer with a can of Bee Hive Corn Syrup. Many of the prize-winning racers are seen drinking the Bee Hive Corn Syrup, a favourite energy food of many athletes. Some prize winners include Sigurd Rokne from Norway, Toni Speece from Austria, Christian Pravda from Austria, Othmar Schneider from Austria, Anderl Molterer, from Austria and the champion Stein Eriksen from Norway."


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"'Beehive Giant Slalom', Everybody's Wedeln' and 'Ski moderne' -- all on skiing."