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[Fire-Extinguishing Liquid Demonstration, Canadian Foamite Firefoam, Montreal]

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Louis Pelletier, "Useful Cinema, Film Genres, and Screen Networks: The Story of Canadian Films Limited (1919-1920)," The Moving Image 11, no. 3 (2011): 82, 82.
"The vivisection films were followed in June of 1920 by the filming of a fire-extinguishing liquid demonstration held on Montreal’s Champ-de-Mars by the Canadian Foamite Firefoam Ltd. The resulting film was shown privately to the officials of the sponsoring organization, but never exhibited in commercial theaters. Canadian Foamite Firefoam declined to have the footage included (at the rate of $1 per foot) in the sole issue of Canadian Films’ screen magazine Here and There, which was eventually released in September."