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The Essence of Life

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452 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Emphasizes the need for blood donations to maintain the effectiveness of the Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, available across Canada since 1947. The film describes how previous to 1947 patients were required to pay for blood used in an operation or appeal to friends for donations. Two pints for every one used were required. The viewer is reminded how at one time war casualties and patients during operations often died of relatively minor injuries due to a lack of blood. Active members of society are shown enjoying life including teenagers on the beach, a family celebration and children playing hockey. Laboratories where technicians test the blood are shown. The blood is tested to 'ensure, among other things, that the blood does not contain any undesirable characteristics that might cause disease in the recipient ... and those standards are set by the Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service'."