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Episode in Valleydale

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1250 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.


"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 27 (June 1954): 116.
"Here the story is told of how, through co-operation, the farmers of Western Canada have brought stability into their occupation. The film depicts a divergence of opinion between father and son over different ethods of marketing their grain. It also illustrates the work of the Wheat Pool, which helps eliminate day-to-day fluctuations in grain prices, thus contributing to farmers' security."

"The 6th Annual Canadian Film Awards," Film News 14, no. 5 (1954): 15.

"Non-Theatrical. EPISODE IN VALLEYDALE was the First Award film in the 'Sponsored by a Non-Government Agency' class. Produced by Crawley Films Ltd. of Ottawa for the Manitoba Pool Elevators, it was chosen for its 'well conceived and realistically acted story depicting the importance of wheat pool cooperatives to the farmer and his community.'"

"The 6th Annual Canadian Film Awards," Film News 14, no. 5 (1954): 15.

[Still shot from Episode in Valleydale showing two men on a tractor; caption reads:] "EPISODE IN VALLEYDALE debates Western Canada's wheat marketing problems. (Crawley Films for the Manitoba Pool Elevators. A First Award)."