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The Educational Playgrounds

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1135 (28mm); 1340 (35mm), 660 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 28mm, 35mm, VHS, digibeta.
"This film shows efforts to give poorer children greater opportunities for physical development under competent supervision. A number of the children of parents in better circumstances also take advantage of this opportunity at several of the playgrounds in Toronto. The playgrounds are often the scene of athletic meets in which older boys take part. It shows: shots of a group of children on a city sidewalk; boys playing a game, possibly marbles; children all around on the sidewalk; a woman passes by and then a boy throws something at a building; a shot of children sitting on the ground; long shot of girls playing volleyball in a park; children playing on swings in the background; the camera keeps panning to the right to show a building - the recreation centre connected to these playgrounds; another shot of the recreation centre, camera pans to the left; long shot of a different recreation centre with children playing in front; long shot of a large playground with swings and trees; female supervisor teaching a girl how to hit a ball with a tennis raquet; the ball is attached to a pole by a string; medium shot of a female supervisor teaching a girl how to swing a bat for baseball; medium shot of a male supervisor supervising older boys playing volleyball; medium shot of women dancing around a pole - part of the training to be a supervisor; various shots of the women doing various exercises; medium shot of two women learning basket weaving; various shots of women learning first aid, bandaging injuries."