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The Drawings and the Shop

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University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.


University of Waterloo Audiovisual Services Catalog.
"A good engineer must be acquainted with the manufacturing process so that he understands the reasons for the different types of drawings needed. The manufacturing process in a foundry is traced, starting from pattern making and moving through casting using sand molds, and the furnace forging process in which molten metal is poured into molds or made into ingots and bars. The final machining takes place in the machine shop where different types of blueprints are needed for the various machines such as the lathe for turning, threading, facing, boring and reaming, the drill press for countersinking, counterboring and spot facing, the milling machine for end and straddle milling, the shaper and the grinder. The final step is assembly, which requires assembly drawings. Understanding the whole process allows the engineering draftsman to draw accurate and useful blueprints."