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Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec: 16mm, VHS.
"Intended for use in introductory courses in Materials Science or Metallurgy, this programme illustrates how the motion of crystalline imperfections causes plastic deformation in metals and ceramics. English, French and German editions available, as well as on VHS format. VHS format consists of two tapes: tape A is the 60 minute video and tape B is a 40 minute review of part one. Dislocations Part 1: Edge and screw configurations, TEM observations, glide, annihilation. Time: 25 minutes. Dislocation Part 2: Cross-clip, climb annihilation, Frank-Read source, loops, pile-ups, TEM observations. Time 25 minutes. Produced at Concordia University by Hugh McQueen, derived from a 16mm film DISLOCATIONS produced at Concordia 1975 (UNESCO scientific film certificate 6860)."