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Did You Know That?

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386 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS, 3/4 IN, digibeta.
"A review of little known and unusual facts collected from across Canada: New Brunswick's Magnetic Hill; a town in British Columbia with enough buildings for four thousand people yet inhabited by one man; and a religion which forbids its members to drive automobiles."


Benograph, 16mm Short Subjects Catalogue (1953-54).
"'It's a queer old world we live in.' When motorists drive down a certain hill in New Brunswick, they are forced to step on the gas but, going up, they can coast up to the top. There's a town in British Columbia with enough buildings to house four thousand people yet one man lives there alone. Ever hear of a religion which forbids its adherents to drive automobiles?"

Harold Peberdy is credited for Special Effects.