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Corrosion in Action

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Production Years: 
1955 to 1956


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Library and Archives Canada.


"Films for Business," Canadian Business 29 (February 1956): 80.
"How corrosion occurs and how this damage can be avoided or controlled by various means is graphically demonstrated in this three part film. Part I covers the Nature of Corrosion Anode and Cathode Processes. Time-lapse photography permits results of several years of corrosion to be presented in a few seconds; animated diagrams illustrate the chemistry of corrosion. Part II - Origin and Characteristics of Corrosion Currents - gives a description of the rate of deterioration and the factors involved. Part III - Passivity and Protective Films - makes use of slow-motion techniques to demonstrate how color standards are used to judge protective nature of rusts formed on ordinary steels. More than 25,000 test samples, exposed to marine atmospheres, show corrosion resistance accurately gauged under actual conditions. Any single part of the film or any combination may be shown. Part I runs 20 minutes; Part II, 26 min.; Part III, 17 min."