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The Construction of a Concrete Highway

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Length (feet): 
625 (28mm); 244 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 16mm.
"Instructional documentary film of the construction of a concrete highway, with scenes of the official opening of the Toronto-Hamilton highway, November 24, 1917. INTERTITLE: 'Heavy Traffic on Main Highways Demands Substantial Road Construction.' Shots of a locomotive unloading material from rail cars; sand and stone being dumped. INTERTITLE: 'The concrete is mixed in the proportion of one part cement, one and a half parts sand - three parts crushed stone.' Shots of a moveable bucket spreading mixture over the road surface; workers spreading the mixture. INTERTITLE: 'Two Mixers Laying Pavement 50 Feet Wide in Oakville.' Scenes of a large work-site with two mixers; workers using a wooden plank to stamp down the surface; smoothing the surface by hand. INTERTITLE: 'The Finished Surface, Scenes Along the Toronto-Hamilton Highway.' Shots of various road traffic; horse and wagon, automobiles, and cyclists pass the camera. INTERTITLE: 'The Official Opening of the Toronto-Hamilton Highway November 24, 1917.' Shots of city officials posing for the camera."