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The Construction of Canada's Largest Apartment Building

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Louis Pelletier, "Useful Cinema, Film Genres, and Screen Networks: The Story of Canadian Films Limited (1919-1920)," The Moving Image 11, no. 3 (2011): 71.
"The situation was even worse for The Construction of Canada’s Largest Apartment Building, produced concurrently with The Cream Industry in the fall of 1919 and showing the rise of the ten-story Drummond building, one of Montreal’s first skyscrapers. This particular project was financed by no fewer than eight sponsors contributing sums ranging from $50 to $250, including Sherbrooke’s McKinnon Steel Co. (structural work), Mott Co. ('sanitary earthenware of all kinds'), and G.A. Holland and Son Co. (furniture). The film’s completion was eventually delayed by several months when one of the sponsors refused to pay, even after Canadian Films had agreed to make its trademark more prominent by retaking certain shots. This unseemly delay angered the other sponsors, who soon were threatening legal action."