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University of Waterloo Audiovisual Services Catalog.
"CITIES is a series of Canadian films made for world-wide television and non-theatrical distribution. It takes an idea so fundamental and compelling that we hardly give it a second thought, and it invites us to think twice—about cities: how deeply they affect us, how they have entered the imagination of literally everyone on this earth. This series captures several of the world's greatest cities, holding them up to the camera, catching them unawares. Several of the world's most stimulating people discuss these cities—their history, their personality, and their daily lives. Some of the films comprising the series are Peter Ustinov's LENINGRAD, Eli Wiesel's JERUSALEM, R.D. Laing's GLASGOW, Anthony Burgess' ROME, Mai Zetterling's STOCKHOLM, George Plimpton's NEW YORK. For detailed descriptions see the entries for each episode."