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Challenge of the 80s

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670 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 3/4".
"This production is about the need for CP Rail to develop greater capacity to be able to accommodate the increased freight rail traffic expected to occur in the 1980s. Railway transport of goods in Canada is increasing. The rail transportation of coal has seen a major increase and is expected to increase further. This production outlines measures CP Rail has taken to increase rail capacity, through such measures as heavier rails, and plans for major construction projects in the Rockies to reduce rail grades. The grades are too steep for the heavier freight trains of today. The Rogers Pass project is the largest of four such projects being undertaken by CP Rail. Another issue addressed in this production is the freight rates for grain. Grain constitutes one-fifth of the total railway traffic in Canada. The railways need to be paid for their full costs of shipping grain. The narrator states that this is a thorny issue."