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Canadian Portrait

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1955 to 1962
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"First Agriculture Film Festival," Film News (November-December 1962): 11.
"*CANADIAN PORTRAIT - 29 mins., col. Frederick K. Rockett Co., 6063 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, for Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd."

Nancy Bush, "First Agriculture Film Festival," Film News (November-December 1962): 12.
"Resources (tie award) - CANADIAN PORTRAIT: Wood is big business in Canada where its economic value is twice that of wheat. Fifty per cent of the world's output of newsprint is from that country, plus much of the paper that is still the world's favorite packaging material.
Using mechanized muscles of steel, the giant Douglas fir trees of British Columbia are harvested as easily as the pulp wood of long ago. This U.S. produced film makes the process of turning the forests into plywood, timber, and paper products an exciting saga.
A lucid narrative takes us through the careful selection of the trees to be harvested, the breathtaking air views of lily-pad patterns of logs in the rivers, to the mills, factories and finished product. With the ease of a paper towel unrolling, a huge log is peeled for plywood in a sheet so thin that jets of air are used to cut it into sections.
Action and music are well-coordinated and there is a certain magic in the rapid motion of men and machines.
Both children and adults will be excited by a close-up look at saws biting into wood, trees falling, and bubbling vats of wood pulp.
The title may be misleading to some who would expect this to be 'all about Canada.' To be sure, it presents a good picture of an important vertebra of her backbone. It is not, however a complete corporeal portrait.
29 mins., color. Sponsored by Crown Zellerbach Canada, Ltd. (FN), 1800 Burrard Bldg., Vancouver 5, B.C., Canada. Produced by Frederick K. Rockett Co. (FN), Hollywood, Calif. Available also with French language track."

Crawley Films, Free Films: Sources of Free 16mm Sponsored Films in Canada Compiled and Published by Crawley Films (Ottawa: Crawley Films, April 1969): 15.
"How man fulfills his needs for the products of the forest - pulp, paper, lumber and plywood - by careful long-range design and planning in B.C.'s forest industry."