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Canada's Harvest of Fish

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461(35mm); 445 (28mm)
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Library and Archives Canada
"Newsreel containing the following stories:28mm, 35mm, VHS, Digibeta.
Port Arthur Ontario. Reaping the annual harvest of herring. This shows the processing of fish from its arrival in port until it is ready for shipment.
Loggieville, New Brunswick. Smelt fishing season closes at New Brunswick Fisheries.
Prince Rupert, B.C. Fishing fleet makes port with the last of the season's catch. The fish are processed.
Kingsville, Ontario. Re-stocking Lake Erie with whitefish at the federal government fish hatchery."

"Canadian National Pictorial was a newsreel produced from 1919 to 1921 by the private company Pathéscope of Canada Ltd. The Canadian government funded the newsreel" (Library and Archives Canada).