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Canada's Diamond Jubilee

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2000 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS.
"Canada's diamond jubilee ceremonies including the inspection of a Canadian Highlander Honour Guard by Governor General Willingdon; the laying of the cornerstone of the Confederation Building; an address by Prime Minister Mackenzie King; and the official inauguration of the Peace Tower carillon by the Governor General. Shown are the Peace Tower clock, the noon gun firing, and spectators 40000 strong on Parliament Hill. The Highlanders are seen on parade and Governor General Willingdon, in uniform, arrives in the state carriage. The Governor General reads a message from King George V; L.P.D. Tilley of New Brunswick and Prime Minister King deliver speeches; the Centenary Choir gives a rendition; and Margaret Anglin, the famous Canadian actress, reads from the works of Bliss Carmen. Shown also are ceremonies and events throughout Canada. Mayor Louis D. Taylor of Vancouver hands mail to the pilot of a flying boat (with US mail written on it) and the plane takes off to land at Cartierville Airport in Montreal from where the mail is delivered. A parade at the monument of Sir Georges Etienne Cartier, with Bishop Gauthier and Mayor Mederic Martin in attendance is shown. Wreaths are deposited at the monument of Sir John A. MacDonald. Ceremonies in Halifax include activities at the grave of Sir Charles Tupper; a speech by Lieutenant Governor James Cranswick Tory; and shots of the HMS Calcutta moored to a wharf. In Saint John, New Brunswick Mayor arriving Walter W. White delivers a speech and attends a float parade. Shots of the monument to Sir Samuel L. Tilley are shown. The Empress of Australia is shown at Quebec City and discharging passengers. Ceremonies in Vancouver include a float parade; a salute by the 15th Artillery Regiment; and 3000 children gathered in Hastings Park. Lieutenant Governor Burroughs of Manitoba reads the King's message to the Winnipeg gathering. Highlanders and a float parade move past the camera. Night shots of a bonfire on Centre Island in Toronto harbour are seen. Lieutenant Governor Ross of Ontario attends a float parade with Highlanders. Mayor Foster sends a letter to Ottawa with the Gladstone runners. Charles Lindbergh is shown arriving in The Spirit of St. Louis on Parliament Hill. He poses near his plane and receives the applause of the crowd on a dias in front of the Parliament Buildings."


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