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Canada at 8.30

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1008 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"A bilingual production on the development of the performing arts throughout Canada focusing on theatre and music. Featured are: rehearsals and a performance of Don Giovanni performed by the Canadian Opera Company directed by Gieger-Torel and featuring actor Jan Rubes; street scenes in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in front of the Charlottetown Theatre and a scene from Anne of Green Gables featuring Gracie Finley as Anne. Gracie Finley addresses the camera as herself with fellow cast members including Jeff Hyslop who plays Gilbert; Rock band Lighthouse performing with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet choreographed by Brian MacDonald who speaks about this production and others. Donald Davis, strolling the grounds at Stratford, discusses the progress of theatre in Canada. Davis and his brother Murray created the Crest Theatre in Toronto and he contrasts conditions in the past with the situation in 1970. A scene from Jean Gascon's production of The Merchant of Venice is shown with Davis playing the role of Shylock; classes from the National Theatre School in Montreal with young actors rehearsing and performing theatrical exercises; Theatre Calgary is shown and Christopher Newton addresses the camera seated in front of the Allied Arts Centre; David Gardner, director of the Queen Elizabeth Playhouse in Vancouver is seen in the midst of organizing a season ticket drive and attending a board meeting. Gardner discusses theatre in Canada with a second man, possibly George Ryga who wrote The Ecstasy of Rita joe. David Renton at his home with a woman and children near the ocean. He drives to Neptune Theatre in Halifax where artistic director Heiner Piller takes the camera on a brief tour. The scene ends with a brief clip of Neptune's production of Death of a Salesman. The music segment features Maureen Forrester singing and discussing Canadian composers along with Eric McLean; Serge Garrand and the National Youth Orchestra; Martin Shaffer at Simon Fraser University; Robert Aitken and the Lyric Arts Trio in St. Mark's Church at Niagara-on-the-Lake. The film concludes with a visual tour through the National Arts Centre in Ottawa constructed to commemorate Canada's centennial in 1967. All the theatre venues are shown including the seating, fixtures, lobby and ticket areas."