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Call to a Nation

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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS.
"Documentary about the first war loan campaign to raise money from Canadians to pay for Canada's war effort. It shows: guns firing; ships; men waiting in line outside the RCAF Recruiting Centre Manning Pool HQ; ships; warships; soldiers of the first Canadian contingent (referred to by the voiceover as the first expeditionary force) on gangplank of ship that will take them overseas; troopships departing for Britain; pilots of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan running to their planes; people at work in factories, producing war materials, accompanied by the voiceover narration that states that "every worker is a fighter"; nickel miner, forestry worker cutting down tree; farmers in Western Canada taking grain to grain elevator and city street scenes. Also shown is a meeting of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Minister of Justice Ernest Lapointe, Finance Minister J.L. Ralston and Minister of Defence Norman Rogers, discussing the first war loan, its purpose, how the government will spend the money, how the loan will boost the economy and why this war is more costly than previous wars. This includes some actuality audio of them. Some of Lapointe's comments are in French. King states that the loan is not compulsory. Rogers explains to King that this war is more costly than previous wars because of the need to build many different types of machinery. The film continues with scenes illustrating the response of Canadians to the loan campaign, including people talking on the telephone, a factory worker counting out the money he will contribute, miners in Flin Flon looking at a notice posted on a wall; people in banks; and supplies leaving docks. "