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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm.
"A film about the massive undertaking of converting the Province of Ontario's power supply from 25 cycles to 60 cycles. Footage of hydro inspectors going door to door taking inventory of consumers' electrical appliances to be converted over; stock shots of hydro workers building dams, laying cable, raising towers; a technician demonstrates the difference between 25 and 60 cycles (less hum and flicker) and explains the advantages of adopting the new standard; shots of retailers identifying older stock which operates on 25 cycles; hydro engineers setting up portable repair depots in neighbourhoods and actually installing new 60 cycle motors into a variety of small household appliances; trade in centres for small appliances that can't be converted; an explanation of how industry is making the conversion; shots of workers making new 60 cycle motors for household and industrial applications."