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Building a Modern Grain Elevator

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320 (16mm); 954 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 28mm, 35mm, VHS.
"Fifty-seven million bushels of grain can be stored in 33 elevators at Port Arthur and Fort William. Plans are made to increase this figure to 65 million. Footage shows concrete finished elevator. Aerial shot of Port Arthur - finished elevator, ships, docks, foundation for new elevator under construction, etc. Close up of construction work on the selected site for the elevators, steam driven construction machinery, and men rolling a large pine pile. Extreme close ups of man drilling hole to receive on the big piles to be driven into the ground, and men shaping the end of one of the piles that will be under water. Close up of a steam-driven pile-driver pushing long piles under water. Foundations for the storage bins clustered together, piles sticking out of ground. Extreme close up of men sawing the above pile ends to form a flat bed to receive the poured concrete. Close up of partially built grain storage bins and other concrete buildings. Part 2 shows a close up of carpenters at work in carpentry shop. Two men riding in a horse drawn wagon loaded with lumber in shallow part of river with the wheel half submerged. Four men on a raft loaded with lumber, men are pole-pushing raft down the river. High angle shot of men working on basins (wheat cylinders inside grain elevators). Extreme close up of ten men placing basin into position, two men wrenching nuts to secure steel foundation of grain elevator, man sweeping floor in foreground, and machine driven pulley belts (filling frame), and man measuring shaft. Strikers demonstrating at Hyde Park in the 'Near West' (Lake District). Group of finished grain elevators near a lake. Extreme close up of automatic unloading of grain filled box-cars by hydraulic jacks at the entrance of the grain elevator. Ship freighter loading alongside elevator."