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Building to a Different Drummer

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Production Years: 
1960 to 1980


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University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"This film demonstrates the efficiency of using system building to build a condominium housing project in Toronto called Chapel Glen. Condominiums sponsored by the Ontario Housing Coporation allow low and middle-income families to own their own homes. The company with the contract, Modular Precast, used a panel system building scheme. Panels are shown being manufactured at the factory. Reinforcing steel is used in the mold for added strength, and if necessary, electrical conduits are molded right in. Concrete is measured, mixed and poured into the molds, left to cure, and the molds are then stockpiled. The panels arrive on site according to a strict building schedule. Floor panels are placed on wall panels already in place, and their joints are filled with structural stitch concrete. Alignment is often checked. As the floors are built, window installation, wiring and decorating are carried on below."