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The Arctic Patrol

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3470 (35mm)
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"A record of the 1929, Canadian Government Arctic Expedition under the leadership of George P. Mackenzie. It begins with the departure of the sealer SS Beothic from North Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia on July 20 under Captain E. Falk and ends with the return to port on September 3. Scenes include: the departure of SS Beothic from North Sydney with the crew, RCMP officers, passengers, supplies, and livestock on board; the midnight sun - Baffin Bay at 3 a.m.; landing at Cape Sparbo on Devon Island to photograph muskoxen; ice floes and icebergs in Smith Sound and the ship ploughing through ice on the way to Bache Peninsula on the east coast of Ellesmere Island; unloading supplies for the Bache establishment; Mackenzie welcoming RCMP Inspector A.H. Joy aboard at Fram Haven; walrus in Robertson Bay, North Greenland; a tent dwelling and a native woman and her three children at Robertson Bay; Richard Finnie and RCMP Constables Kidston and Wishart bathing naked in Robertson Bay just south of Etah, Greenland; two young polar bears, chained together, playing in the water; thousands of Dovekies (Little Auks) at Robertson Bay; an ancient Eskimo stone dwelling at Pond Inlet; polar bears between Pond Inlet and Clyde River; Pangnirtung, Baffin Island: the Hudson’s Bay Post, government medical officer Dr. L.D. Livingstone boarding; native men bringing supplies ashore, native men engaging in a tug-o-war; the first stop at at Lake Harbour (now named Kimmirut); passing the Hudson’s Bay Company ship Nascopie, travelling in an easterly direction, heading for Lake Harbour; an experimental fox farm at Chesterfield Inlet; National Museum ornithologist Percy A. Taverner photographing a Semipalmated Sandpiper on deck; the second stop at Lake Harbour: the Hudson’s Bay Post, Saint Paul’s Anglican Mission, the Reverend C.L.W. Bailey, native worshippers; J. Dewey Soper, department investigator and discoverer of the nesting grounds of the Blue Goose, boarding; SS Aranmore and SS Sambro delivering material for the Department of Marine and Fisheries’ radio direction finding station at Acadia Cove, Resolution Island, shots of building operations, a cradle tramway on overhead wires erected to transport building material; natives in kayaks at Port Burwell, Cape Chidley; a fire on board ship; aerial shots of the ship; a newspaper cutting announcing "Beothic returns from supply trip to Arctic" after six weeks in Arctic regions supplying Canadian outposts."

Richard S. Finnie is also credited for the titles. Premiered on January 19, 1930 at the Imperial theatre, Ottawa.