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Arctic Interlude

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1105 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"The R.M.S. Nascopie's last complete arctic voyage before she sank in 1947. The patrol, ports and 'shiptime' documented include: by air to Churchill, by DUKW do Fort Prince of Wales, Eskimo Point, Chesterfield Inlet, Cape Wolstenholme, Davis Strait, Clyde Inlet, Fort Ross at the eastern entrance to Bellot Strait and the western most point of the patrol, Arctic Bay, Lancaster Sound, Dundas Harbour, Pond Inlet, Cumberland Sound, Pangnirtung, Davis Strait, Cartwright Labrador, North Shore, Montreal. Scenes and activitiets aboard Nascopie, supplying duties and communities coastlines."