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Arctic Goose Hunt

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480 (16mm)
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York University, Toronto, Ontario: 16mm.
"Cree Indians go on an autumn hunt for the Arctic goose (or blue goose), along the shores of James Bay. The Indians' long history of hunting the geese has taught them all the secrets of bait and the calls needed to lure geese within gunshot range. They have used the goose down and bones for many generations, in making clothes and tools."

Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.


National Film Board of Canada, Films by Other Producers Distributed in Canada by the National Film Board of Canada/Films de divers producteurs distribués au Canada par l’Office national du film du Canada (Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, c.1968), 4.
"Cree Indian guides, the setting up of 'blinds', and thousands of snow geese, are some things seen in this film about 'fly-in' hunting camps in Canada's northland."