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An Apple a Day

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450 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"An overview of the apple-growing industry, with reference to Lobo, Joyce, Melba and McIntosh varieties The film follows the process from planting through pruning, grafting, growing care, picking and packing the apples."


News from the American Film Center (April 1940): 6.
"Also announced are three productions of Radford and Judith Crawley: L'ile D'orleans (1 reel), An Apple A Day (1 reel) and A Study Of Spring Wild Flowers (1 reel). All of the above are silent and in color."

"Reporting Use of Personal Films in Serious Fields," Movie Makers 14:1 (January 1939): 47.
"An Apple a Day, health slogan, is the title of a 450 foot, 16mm., color film produced by F.R. Crawley, ACL, for the Rideau Fruit Farms, Manotick, Ontario. Following a continuity of seasonal activities, the production commences with winter pruning, records spring planting and fertilizing, the summer spraying and thinning and concludes with picking and packing after the harvest. The purpose of the film is to portray the accomplishments in apple culture, to advertise the product and to educate other fruit growers regarding the proper methods of apple husbandry."