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Along Pioneer Trails

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Directors of Photography:



Production Years: 
1940 to 1945
Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
806 (35mm)
Length (minutes): 
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 1/4 in. mag trk, VHS.
"Film about the Burns Company Limited, its history, links to the development of western Canada, and its products. The film begins with actors portraying cowboys around a campfire at night, while an old cowboy tells the story of how company founder Pat Burns began in the cattle business, supplying beef to early railway workers. This tale is intercut with footage of a horse and wagon, a train at night, and cowboys herding cattle. Burns established a meat packing industry using livestock raised in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to provide meat for Canada and the world. There is footage of: cattle at the company's experimental stations set up to develop the best ways of raising beef; livestock in rail cars; meat being inspected, graded, pickled and smoked; workers packing Shamrock brand meat products such as bacon, cooked meats, meat loaves, sausages, and weiners. The narration talks about the importance of Canada's meat packing industry in the nation's economy and about the shipping of meat overseas and to military training centres in Canada. Also shown are: company laboratories where chemists experiment to improve meat packing methods and Burns and Company buildings in Prince Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, and Vancouver."