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Air Cadets

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702 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Air Cadet training. Kitting, canteen, first aid, LINK trainer, range work. CF100 on tarmac. Expeditor flight. RCAF patrol rescue boat M848. PT and formation drill. Aircrew training and first solo in a Cessna 150. Air Cadets visit London. Air Marshall C.R. Slemon speaks at an Air Cadet League dinner."


Online database National Film Board of Canada.
"This film depicts the eagerness with which young flying enthusiasts accept the challenge of an air-conscious age. In towns and villages across Canada, Air Cadets assemble at the end of the school day to learn flying and navigation. Cadet squadrons move annually to a Royal Canadian Air Force station for ten days under canvas, and the spiritual and material value of their training becomes manifest as the practical knowledge and companionship of the Cadets is revealed."

"Les cadets de l'air de l'Aviation royale canadienne sont convoqués dans des centres d'entraînement pendant les vacances d'été. Sous la direction de spécialistes, ils vont apprendre les rudiments de l'aviation. Le programme d'entraînement vise à développer chez eux le sens de l'effort et de l'initiative."