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City of Playgrounds

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Un million pour les jeux
French version
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417 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"The film illustrates the results of a city program, started in 1942, to create playgrounds in Montreal. Starting with only 9 playgrounds, the city boasts 100 by 1948, including 15 open-air pools and 17 indoor pools for year-round use. Cost of the program was one million dollars a year. Footage shows a summer of playground activities, including Registration Day, a parade, races, baseball, tug-of-war, other team games, swimming, crafts, slides, swings, story-telling and the gymnastics competition which closes off the summer. Winter footage shows children at the indoor pool, figure skating on an outdoor rink, a boys' hockey game and a toboggan run."

"Scènes de différents parcs de Montréal incluant des enfants qui jouent et du maire de Montréal Camilien Houde et quelques dignitaires."

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta: 16mm
"A glimpse of the pleasure and healthful exercise that Montreal's many playgrounds provide for the children of that city. Brief scenes sketch the preliminary
work - planning and building playgrounds and training supervisors - before everything is ready for eager youngsters. Gay costumes in the opening day parade and skilled gymnastics on the closing field day are show along with everyday games and exercises throughout the summer."
From the Catalogue of 16mm Educational Motion Pictures. Published by the Educational Media Division, Department of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1967.