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All of Our Lives

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Chacune sa vie
French version
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University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario: 16mm.

York University, Toronto, Ontario: 16mm.


University of Waterloo Audiovisual Services Catalog.
"Through an exciting interweaving of imagery based on memory, historical fact and present time, ALL OF OUR LIVES describes and analyzes why women face economic hardship and emotional isolation in old age. The film explains the possibilities and alternatives available to women as they search for new ways to resolve these realities. But ALL OF OUR LIVES does more than present the hardships associated with being old and female in our society. Through the personal accounts of women, the film reveals how elderly women have begun to challenge the structures which keep women poor and isolated in old age. We find women who are changing their conditions by joining with each other in rich friendships and through the fight for senior citizens' rights."

Film Collection (National Film Board of Canada).
"All of Our Lives examines the reasons why many women face economic hardship and emotional isolation in old age. It is a film about past dreams and, for the most part, unexpected realities. Elderly women from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances recall their girlhood ideals, and contrast them with the experiences of their actual adult lives. The film challenges audiences to re-evaluate the undervalued and often "invisible" world of child-rearing and work in the home."