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Carstairs, Tell the People

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Alternate Titles: 
Jean-Paul, je te cède la parole
French version
Production Years: 
1966 to 1968


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Library and Archives Canada.
"Designed as a recruitment tool and to familiarize the public with Kimberley-Clark operations, the film tells the story, in a breezy light-hearted manner, of how the company developed - not without suffering setbacks or making mistakes - into the large cororation it is today. It tells how its well-known paper products, such as Kleenex, were devloped and how they are manufactured and describes the reforestration program the company follows."


Crawley Films, Free Films: Sources of Free 16mm Sponsored Films in Canada Compiled and Published by Crawley Films (Ottawa: Crawley Films, April 1969): 24.
"Formation, growth and many products of Kimberly-Clark."