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The House the Wasp Built

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Alternate Titles: 
Pas folle la guêpe
French version
Production Years: 
1967 to 1968


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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"A short documentary film that presents the history of paper, and how it was discovered that wood pulp could be used to make paper. The film discusses the many different methods used to make paper before wood pulp, and how the pulp and paper industry has evolved since its birth."


“The House the Wasp Built,” Canadian Forest Industries Films (Montreal: Canadian Pulp and Paper Association: 1976), 14.
“Tells the history of paper, and of the Canadian pulp and paper industry.”

“Pas folle la guêpe,” Films des industries forestières canadiennes (Montréal: Association Canadienne des Producteurs de Pâtes et Papiers: 1976), 7.
“Raconte l’histoire du papier et de l’industrie canadienne des pâtes et papiers.”

Crawley Films, Free Films: Sources of Free 16mm Sponsored Films in Canada Compiled and Published by Crawley Films (Ottawa: Crawley Films, April 1969): 12.
"Tells the story of paper from cavemen carving on stone to the present day industry."