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Power Development on the Nipigon River

Accession number: 
Alternate Titles: 
Construction of the Hydro Undertaking at Cameron Falls
Alternate title
Production Years: 
1920 to 1922


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
1471 (28mm)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm, 16mm, VHS.
"Travelling shot of river and construction of site of a 75,000 hp temporary power plant on the Nipigon River - Superior District. Rapidly moving water, general view of river and woods in background, Cameron Falls with small power plant. Steam engine trains - one pulling one pushing four train wagons full of rock fill, steam engine backing five empty train wagons, steam driven machine scooping rock and emptying same in train wagons. Man strengthening river bank, group of men drilling holes in rock for blasting, blasting in progress. Crowd of construction workers entering kitchen hut. General view of construction site, horses pulling shovels, scooping gravel and sand for concrete mix, man loading gravel onto conveyor belt leading to concrete mixer. Part 2 shows cement mixture being sluiced from mixing machine into open trucks on rails, mixed concrete being poured down chute from concrete mixing plant to ground, two men shovelling cement when it reaches ground, two men loading "elevator buckets" with cement mixture, raising of elevator buckets and cement being chuted into place for Power House foundations. Foundation with concrete already placed around draft tubes, scaffolding. Construction work on gate-house and power house foundations. Wide panoramic view of site with some buildings and men working. Men erecting scaffolding and forms during construction. Large crowd of workers walking across finished Great-Coffer Dam. Pumping operation with pump in action with water pouring from large pipes. Panorama of the construction camp."