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Life on the Western Marshes

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Oiseaux de l'Ouest canadien
French version
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"This film examines the hazardous life of wild ducks and geese and our participation in their preservation. Ducks Unlimited is an organization dedicated to the preservation of ducks. In prairie marshes there are dangers that threaten the lives of ducks, some of which are illustrated in this film. Also described are Ducks Unlimited projects that assure the survival of ducks and bring benefits to other forms of wildlife. Exceptional material: banding of birds; rescue of ducks from poisonous waters and transferral to safe waters; crows eat duck eggs; sequence on benefits of beaver's presence in marsh land; groups of hunters set out to kill crows; an excellent selection of prairie marsh bird inhabitants."


Ross Kinneard, "News. . .," Film News (September 1948): 15.
"Last year, the National Film Board Annual Report states, printing materials for 54 subjects were sent abroad. Such subjects include PEOPLES OF CANADA, RED RUNS THE FRASER, LIFE ON THE WESTERN MARSHES, CANADA WORLD TRADER, VEGETABLE INSECTS, FOUR SEASONS and PAINTERS OF QUEBEC."