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Man's Adaptability to Cold (Polar People)

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Documentary about Eskimos in Canada's Arctic and how they are adapting to technology and other aspects of 'southern' life. Included are profiles of: Berthe, a tinsmith who moved from Fort Chimo to Churchill; his friend Japser, a carver; Simonie, a 'cat-operator', carpenter, interpreter, labour boss, honorary aide-de-camp to Governor General Vincent Massey on his first tour of the Arctic, and a delegate at Queen Elizabeth's Coronation; Minnie Aodla, interpreter and assistant to the Welfare Officer in Frobisher Bay; Transair Ltd. flight attendant Anne Witaltuk; and Bill Ooonahan, owner of a restaurant that serves authentic Eskimo dishes, and assistant cook at the Northern Affairs Rehabilitation Centre in Frobisher Bay."