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Quebec, Old and New

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1920 to 1921
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"Capitol Theatre, Montreal's New Million-Dollar Playhouse Was Formally Opened Tonight", The Standard (2 April 1921): 25.
"Another most interesting feature of the opening programme was the introduction to Montreal of the first of the Kinogram Travelogues, presented under the auspices of the Associated Screen News of Canada, dealing with Old French Canada, and depicting the habitant of the typical Quebec village as he has been since the seventeenth century.
The picture are taken in the vicinity of St. Anne de Beaupre, to whose shrines and churches hundreds of thousands of pilgrims wend their way every year, and of old and new Quebec, with its historic landmarks -- a new method of blending the old with the new and giving to the public some idea of how people lived in the pioneer days that are gone."