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Battling with Muskies

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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS.
"The journey to northern Ontario in a quest to fish one of the largest freshwater fish, the Maskinonge or Muskie: an animated map; the railway station at Hudson; Hudson and its native inhabitants; the journey by water to the fishing lodge; repairing the canoes; going fishing; casting and reeling; the prize catch; filming the film crew on the water; the director; more fishing; fish in the boat; end of the day catch; and sunset on the lake while returning to the fishing lodge."


From the Collector and Researcher: South Bend Bait Company website:

"This film has been proclaimed the finest action picture of the fighting tiger of the North ever filmed. Every fish is landed by bait casting -- no trolling. The scene is Hudson, Ontario, located amidst the primitive outdoor country of northwestern Ontario. Few game fish possess the battling ability of the 'lunge and in this film we find him at his best. Leaps, dashes, thrills and excitement accompany every foot of this movie and the alert handling of the muskies by Ivar Hennings, President of the South Bend Bait Company, adds materially to the exclusive features of "Battling with Muskies." This is the newest fishing film taken under the supervision of Raymond S. Peck, Director of the Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau." (1927 South Bend Catalog)

"Little did Ivar Hennings, president of the South Bend Bait Company, realize when he made "Battling With Muskies" for the Canadian Government that it would be shown all over the United States and many foreign countries. Its success was instantaneous and unquestionably it is the kind of a picture a red-blooded sportsman enjoys. Every foot of this film is filled with excitement as the "Old Timer" masters a battling mass of energy--the muskie." (1928 South Bend Catalog)

The group in this silent film fishes at Kenneally Lodge on Lake Vermilion in Ontario. Many great fishing scenes were filmed, including a shot of a cameraman shooting with a hand-held camera, standing in a canoe. (National Film Board of Canada)

Silent with English intertitles