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Ballet of the Mermaids

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ballet des ondines
French version
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS.
"Swimmers demonstrate synchronized swimming in a lake. The film calls this 'ornamental swimming'. Includes the song Whispering Waters, with lyrics by Margot Blaisdell and music by Howard Fogg. The swimming routines are choreographed by Katherine Bottomley and Angus Erskine. The film tells the story of a sprite playing along the lake shore, who comes across the swimmers, who she thinks are mermaids. The sprite watches the swimmers and joins them in the water."

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta: 16mm.
'The Mermaids Swimming Club of Toronto gives examples of expert and fancy swimming on and under water."
From the Catalogue of 16mm Educational Motion Pictures. Published by the Educational Media Division, Department of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1967.

Angus Erskine: choreography.