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How Shoes Are Made

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Comment on fabrique des chaussures
French version
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525 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.


"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 23, no. 7 (July 1950): 52.
"Opening with a sequence that shows how children and grown-ups abuse footwear, the film then pictures a typical Canadian shoe factory. The camera details the shoemaking process from the selection of the leather through several of the painstaking operations in crafting a shoe to the finished product. At every stage the care and craftmanship demamded are pointed up and explained. Also available in a French version."

Crawley Films, Free Films: Directory of Sources of Free 16mm Sponsored Films in Canada (Ottawa: Crawley Films, May 1952): 13.
"Manufacturing shoes."

Service de ciné-photographie de la province de Québec, Films 16mm: édition 1956-57 (Quebec City: Service de ciné-photographie, 1956), 385.
"L'élégant escarpin de Madame ou le soulier plus solide de Monsieur demande, de l'ouvrier en chaussure, le même soin et la même précision. Il est très intéressant d'observer ici le travail que comporte la fabrication d'une paire de souliers."