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Cotton Made in Canada

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Le Coton fabriqué au Canada
French version
Dominion Textiles
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855 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"Filmed in the plant of Dominion Textile Company at Magog, Quebec, this production details the processing of cotton from the initial picking through to rolls of woven sheets. Each stage of the process is demonstrated: spools are woven into sheets, material is bleached and coloured, sheets are sown into patterns, ironed and packaged. Technicians are shown testing the dyeing procedures in test tubes at the laboratory and inspectors compare patterns and their consistency to a book of standards."

Alberta University
From the Catalogue of 16mm Educational Motion Pictures. Published by Educational Media Division, Department of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1967.
"The entire process of textile manufacture in a Canadian cotton mill is shown, from the time bales of raw cotton are unloaded at the factory entrance until the finished cloth, in a variety of colors and patters, and with many uses, leaves the factory. The camera achieves many unique and striking close-ups at it watches modern methods applied to the manufacture of the oldest fabric known to man."

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Centre d'archives de Québec, Québec: 16mm.
"Histoire du coton, depuis sa récolte jusqu'à sa transformation en tissus imprimés."


"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 26 (December 1953): 102.
"The story of cotton - used by man since the dawn of civilization - is unfolded in this film. Every stage in modern manufacture is shown, from field to factory to fabric."

"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 27 (July 1954): 96.
"Cotton cloth, one of the oldest fabrics known to man, is shown as a modern product in this film. The entire process of turning rough cotton fibres into textiles is illustrated, the stages including cleaning, carding, spinning, weaving, bleaching and dyeing. Also shown are the rigorous tests which are made during processing to ensure a satisfactory product."

National Film Board of Canada Online Database.
"A million square yards of cotton 'Made in Canada' reach the Canadian consumer every year. This color film has many fascinating illustrations of the various processes of textile manufacture, filmed at the Magog, Québec, cotton mill."

Service de ciné-photographie de la province de Québec, Films 16mm: édition 1956-57 (Quebec City: Service de ciné-photographie, 1956), 369, 373.
"C'est l'histoire du coton, depuis sa récolte jusqu'à sa transformation en tissus imprimés."