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Gordon Sparling

Acadian Spring Song
Ale and Artie
All Joking Astride
Angles on Angling
Back in '14
Back in '22
Back in '23
Ballet of the Mermaids
Borderline Cases
Bridge Chat
The Bright Path
Canadian Headlines of 1947
Canadian Headlines of 1948
Canadian Headlines of 1949
Canadian Headlines of 1950
Canadian Headlines of 1951
Canadian Headlines of 1952
Canine Crimebusters
Carnival on Skates
Circus on Ice
City of Towers
Cold Facts
Cowboy's Holiday
Crystal Ballet
Design for Swimming
Did You Know That?
Did You Know That? Fifth Edition
Did You Know That? Fourth Edition
Did You Know That? Second Edition
Did You Know That? Sixth Edition
Did You Know That? Third Edition
Distant Cousins
Dogs at Work
Fair and Cold
Fencer's Art
For Your Information
Forward Canada!
The Fruitful Earth
G Hygiene
The Great Divide
Grey Owl's Little Brother
Grey Owl's Strange Guests
Here's How
Hockey Champions
Hockey Stars' Summer
Hot and Happy
House in Order
Kingdom for a Horse
The Kinsmen
Let's Go Skiing
Life Aboard an Empress
Making Mounties
The Mapleville Story
Miracle at Beauharnois
Music from the Stars
Ornamental Swimming
Peoples of Canada
Picking Locks
Point of Honour
Progress on Parade
Push Back the Edge
The Return of the Buffalo
Rhapsody in Two Languages
Rocky Eden
Royal Banners Over Ottawa
Shadow River
Sitzmarks the Spot
Ski in the Sky
Sky Fishing
Song the Map Sings
Song the Map Sings
Spotlight No. 1
Spotlight No. 2
Spotlight No. 4
Spotlight No. 5
That's Shell Service
The Breadwinner
The Light That Shall Not Fail
The Little Black Bag
The Roaring Game
The Westminster of the West
The Thousand Days
Top of the World
Towards One World
La Vie à Rouville
Weekend in Quebec
Wings Over the Atlantic