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Holiday Island
Holiday Island
Holiday to a Holiday
Holidays in Kipiwa
Home Crafts
Home to Buxton
Homemaking by Irrigation
Hommage à notre paysannerie
Honda St. Jovite - A Sunday Drive
Hook Line & Sinker
Hook Line and Sinker
Hook, Line and Safety
Horizons nouveaux
Horn of Plenty
Hospital Sepsis : A Communicable Disease
Hot and Happy
Hot Hickory : Featuring the Skiing of Ernie McCulloch
House in Order
Houses in a Hurry
Houses in Jigtime
How Ale Is Made
How Business Girls Keep Well
How Do You Stand
How Much Affection?
How Shoes Are Made
How to Braze Aluminum
How to Machine Aluminum
How to Operate a 16mm B&H Specialist
How to Rivet Aluminum
How to Score More Goals
How to Take Fingerprints
Hudson 70 : Phase VIII The Arctic Voyage
Hunting in Newfoundland
Hunting Without a Gun
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydro Development on the Severn River
Hydro-Electric Power on the Farm
Hygiene for Health
I Am a Country
I Am Alive
I Am Not Going to Smoke
I Feel Fine
I Paint What I Know : Gershon Iskowitz
I Was Born Here
I've Never Seen Anything Like It
I.A.P.A. Accident Prevention : Basic Fire Hazards
I.A.P.A. Accident Prevention : Static Electricity Nuisance and Danger
I.A.P.A. Conference Forklift Competition
I.A.P.A. Conference Wherever People Work
Ice Flight
Ice in Norwegian Waters : Sea Variations in Ice Pack in the Norwegian, Greenland and Barents Seas
Ice Rally in Quebec
Ice Safety
Iceland on the Prairies
Ici et là [1950]
Ici et là [1951]
Ici les Laurentides
Ici maintenant
Ici pas trop autrefois
Ici très autrefois
IDRC : Partners in Research
If Brains Were Dynamite, You Wouldn't Have Enough to Blow Your Nose
If You're Happy
Ikpuck the Igloo Dweller
Il faut des fleurs
Il faut du bon lait
Il lance et compte!
Illingworth Kerr... Landscapes
Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis
Ils sont tous nos enfants
Images de Noël au pays de Québec
Immediate Action
Imperial Esso Service Centre Survey
Imperial Oil on Camera
Impressions, Formation and Interpersonal Attraction
In All Thy Sons Command
In Canadian Fjords
In Exile : American Draft Resisters and Deserters in Canada
In Lumberland
In Old Quebec
In Old Toronto
In the Balance
In the Shadow of the Pole
In the Woodland
In Time of Trouble
In Vulcan's Workshop
Indian Days
Indian Days in the Canadian Rockies
Indian Fishing Methods Fraser River
Indian Lake Operations
Indiens de la Mauricie
Industrial Avenue of the Seaway
Industrial Gateway to Canada
Industrial Uses of Grain
Inner City/Inter City
Inniun nipatakanu
Innovations for Learning
Inquiry : Smoking and Lung Cancer
Insect Pests of Stored Food
Instruction et vie sociale
Integrated Control of Orchard Insects
Integrated Pest Management : How It Works
Inter-Varsity on Campus
International Soccer
Into the Sunlight
Introduction to Labrador
Inupiatun : In the Manner of The Eskimo
Investing in Canada
Investing Is for Me
Investment in Canada
Invisible Force of Direction
Iron and Steel From the Ore Bed to the Smelter
Iron Below
Iron Ore from Labrador
Iron, Fire and Men
Is it Le/zher or Lezh/er?
Is This Love?
Islands of the St. Lawrence
It Didn't Have to Happen
It Happens
It Isn't a Game
It Pays to Be Trained
It Shall Not Return... Void
It Starts at the Top
It Starts with a Whisper
It Takes Two to Crosswalk
It's Asbestos
It's Good to Be Back
It's in the Cards
It's Not Your Imagination
It's Your Job
Items of Interest
It’s the People That Count
J'apprivoise l'inconnu: l'accouchement naturel
Jack Bush
Jack Chambers : A Retrospective
Jackpine Journey
Jamaica Flavour
Jamaica Sings
Jamboree Diary
Jamboree of Achievement
Japanese Garden
Jasper and Mount Robson
Jasper Holiday
Jasper Trails
Je fabrique des décorations de Noël
Je fabrique une crèche
Je fabrique une étoile
Je m'universifie
Jenny's Arctic Diary
Jet in Flight
Jeunesse rurale
Jeux olympiques spéciaux
Jobs and Opportunities
Jockey Training
Joe's Busy Day
John Bracken Canadian
John Fisher and the Confederation Train
John Fisher Spots : Centennial Overtures
John McCrae House
Johnston Creek : Erosion by Water and Ice
Journée de vacances
Journey Into Our Heritage
Journey of a News Story
Journey to Power
Journey to the End of the Year (Parts 1 and 2)
Joy in Living
Judging Elementary Figures
July Jamboree
Jumeaux symétriques
Junior Nations Cup
Just for Me
Ka Ke Ki Ku
Karen Kain, Ballerina
Katei Seikatsu
Kawartha Muskys
Keepers of the Light
Kenya Beekeeping with the Top Bar Hive
Kerja Sama... Working Together
Kicking Horse Trail
Kids and Cookies
Kimberley in the Kootenays
Kinai Chieftanship
King for a Day
Kingdom for a Horse
Kitkatla : A Community Involvement in Education
Kitsilano Solar House
Klondike Holiday