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Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1964
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1965
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1966
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Canadian Ski Preview
Canadian Travel Film Program : Waterways to Explore
Canadian Travel Film Program : Picture Canada
Canadian Wheat
Canadian Wheat Board
Canadian Wheat Story
Canadian Woolens for Warmth and Beauty
Canaries to Clydesdales
Cancer : The Problem of Early Diagnosis
Cancer Is a Word
Canine Crimebusters
Canning a River
Canoe Trails Through Mooseland
Canoeing the Churchill River
Canoeing the North Country
Canoeman's Wilderness
Cantique de la création
Cantique du soleil
Canyon of Destiny
Cape Breton Island
Capelin Fishing in Atlantic Canada
Cardio-Coronary Communication
Careers in Canadian Banking
Careers in Canadian Life Insurance Underwriting
Careers in Canadian Medicine
Careers in the Newsprint Industry
Carleton Impressions
Carleton Is
Carnation Creek
Carnaval à Québec
Carnaval de Québec
Carnival on Skates
Carribbean Tour
Carstairs, Tell the People
Cast Iron Boiler Assembly
Cast It Down, Tilt It Up
Cast of Three
Castle of Learning
Castors du Québec
Castrol Trillium Rally
Cawartha International
Cayuga Victoria Day
CBC Butterfly
CBC Fillers
Ce que femme veut
Ce que je reçois pour mon argent
Cellophane : Symbol of Progress
Cement Storage and Construction
Centenaire 1934
Centennial Grey Cup
Ceramics in Spain
Certo : Jelly and Jam Session
Chabot Solo, Part 1
Chain Reaction
Chaînes sans fin
Chalk River
Challenge : The Story of the 1978 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Challenge of the 80s
Chambers : Tracks and Gestures
Champions of Endurance
Championship Wrestling
Champlains of Today
Charge from Down Under
Charlie : Charles M. Sternberg, Pioneer Fossil Hunter
Charlie Beil Story
Charlie Beil Story : Television Promos
Charmes de Québec
Chasse et pêche à Kipawa
Chasseurs de demain
Cheenama the Trailmaker : An Indian Idyll of Old Ontario
Cheers for Chubby
Chemical Brush Control
Chemical Valley : Cultivated for Industry
Child Abuse : Cradle of Violence
Child Behaviour Equals You : Child Behaviour
Child Care
Child Care and Development
Child of the Universe
Childbirth... the Changing Sounds
Children First
Children in Action
Children's Emotions
Children's Emotions
Chimie industrielle (analyse)
China Challenge
China the Ancient
China's Forbidden City
Chinese Community : Wai-Yee and Wah-Hon, British Columbia
Chiropractic Story
Choosing a Doctor
Choosing a House Design
Christmas Cracker
Christmas in Pioneer Times
Christmas Lace
Christmas on the Ile aux Grues
Chronique d'une observation
Churchill Falls Inauguration
Cinéma négro-africain
Circa 75
Circus on Ice
Citadel of Upper Canada
Citérama "Rostworowski"
City of Many Faces
City of Playgrounds
City of Rivers
City of Towers
CL-41 Trainer Aircraft
Clan Donald : A British Farm Colony
Clean Up Week in Montreal
Clean Water It's Your Decision
Clear Cut Case
Climbing into Canada's Past
Close That Sale
Closed Feed Water System
CNE Aquarama
Coal Gas
Coast Salish Indians of British Columbia
Coffee for Canadians
Coffeeland to Canada
Coins for Canada and the World
Cold Facts
Cold Water : The Silent Killer
Cold Water : The Silent Killer
Colonel By's Town
Color and Texture in Aluminum Finishes
Color for Joy
Colour Does It
Colour in the West
Columbia Maligne
Combattons la tuberculose
Combine Calvacade
Comment faire un lit d'hôpital
Comment organiser son temps
Comment utiliser mon argent
Committee Meeting
Communication : Barriers and Pathways
Communication à 13 ans
Communing with the Heavens
Communist North Vietnam
Community Health Is Up to You
Community Organization
Comté de Montmorency
Concerning Studded Tires
Concerning Studded Tires / After Studded Tires
Condom Application for Urinary Incontinence
Cone in Space
Confederation Train
Confined Space Hazards
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Carinatum
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Excavatum
Congrès eucharistique trifluvien
Congrès marial Ottawa juin 1947
Conquérants pacifiques
Conquête constructive
Consécration épiscopale et première messe pontificale de Son Excellence Monseigneur Bruno Desrochers, premier évêque de Sainte-Anne, septembre 1951
Construisez pour la vie
Cooking Apples
Cooking Graded Beef
Cool Roots
Corral and Cree Indians
Corrosion in Action
Cotton Made in Canada
Countdown Canada
Counter Attack
Cours audio-visuel de français, langue seconde
Cours d'hôtellerie à Rivière-du-Loup
Course en canot
Courses de pigeons
Courses de serpents des neiges
Cowboy's Holiday
CP Hotels
Craftsmen at Work
Craftsmen of Canada
Cranberry Village
Craning with Confidence
Creating a Storyboard
Creating Space