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Bickersteth : Hart House
Bicycle Safety
Bienvenue a bord
Big City Paper
Big Crossing
Big Four Highlights of 1951
Big Four Highlights of 1953
Big Island
Big Knife : Daniel Harmon
Big Northern Pike
Big Six
Big Thunder
Big Timber
Big White Escape
Bill's in Business Now
Biography of a Disaster
Biological Control
Biological Control of Insect Pests Series No. 1 - Parasites of the European Corn Borer
Bird Hazards to Aircraft
Birds of Canada No. 2
Birds that Eat Seeds
Birth of a Jet
Black Creek Pioneer Village
Blackfoot Indians of Alberta
Blanking and Piercing
Block to Slab to Sheet
Bluebloods from Canada
Bluefin Rodeo
Bluenose Ghosts
Bluenose Holiday
Bluenose Schooner
Bluenose Shore
Blueprint of a City
Boating and Good Sense
Bobby Orr Story
Boiler Operation : Fireside
Bois et forêts 71
Bon appétit
Bonanza at Great Bear
Bonjour monsieur Turgeon
Bons ou vénéneux?
Boogie Woogie Sioux
Borderline Cases
Boundary Migration in Plastic Crystals : Grain Growth in Transparent Materials
Box of Treasures
Boy's Clubs
Brampton Builds a Car
Brass and Percussion
Break Through at Alcan
Breaking the Sand Barrier
Breaking the Solonetzic Barrier
Breaking Through
Breast Cancer
Breast Self-Examination
Breath of Life
Breath of Spring
Breezing Along
Brian Adams, C.L.U.
Briarcliff Food Center
Bridge Chat
Bright Boy... Bad Scholar : School Learning Problems
Bright Century
Bright Corridors
Bristol Britannia
Britain's Future King
British Columbia Sports
British Success in Canadian Farming
Broken Doll
Bronco Busters
Building a Fine Paper Machine
Building a Modern Grain Elevator
Building Better Beef
Building Bird Houses
Building for the Future
Building to a Different Drummer
Bull of the Woods : Gibson and the Hoo Hoo
Bulwarks of Freedom
Bush First Aid
Bush Pilot
Business Barometer
But What Are We Doing?
By Guess and by God
By Map and Compass
By Quinte's Shores
By the Still Waters
By Their Own Strength
Byways of New France
C'est l'aviron qui nous mène
C'est simple quand on sait s'y prendre
C.I.L. Today : Progress Report
C.L.U. Canadian Life Underwriters
Ca s'passait d'même
Cabin Camps in Skyland
Cable to Treasure Island
Câbles sous-marins
Calgary Coach
Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede 1964
Calgary Stampede : Banff Indian Days
Call for Volunteers
Call Me Dad
Call of the Kawarthas
Call to a Nation
Camp Banting
Campagne électorale du parti Libéral
Campobello : FDR's Beloved Island
Campus in the Clouds
Campus on the Move
Can Canada Compete?
Canada : Unity or Division
Canada Art Collection
Canada at 8.30
Canada Cement
Canada Cup Featurette
Canada Cup Trophy
Canada from East to West and Then Glimpses of Various Phases of Life
Canada Goose
Canada Moves North
Canada Produced
Canada Savings Bonds 1977
Canada Welcomes Kaye Don : Citizens of Toronto Give Great Ovation to Empire Hero
Canada's Arctic Landscape
Canada's Capital on Skis
Canada's Carpet Craftsmen
Canada's Cradle of Curling
Canada's Diamond Jubilee
Canada's East Coast Playground
Canada's First Subway
Canada's Harvest of Fish
Canada's History - Colony to Commonwealth
Canada's Last West
Canada's Metropolis
Canada's National Parks
Canada's New Farmland
Canada's Pacific Gateway
Canada's Pathway to Plenty
Canada's Queen City
Canada's Royal
Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canada's Scots at Banff
Canada's Stargazers : From Louisbourg to Supernova
Canada's Tackle Busters
Canada's Water : For Sale?
Canada's Waterways West
Canada's Wings
Canada's Work for Wounded Soldiers
Canada, The New Homeland
Canada, We Love You : Pontiac / Buick, Parts 1 and 2
Canadair Family Day
Canadian and American Super V
Canadian Caper
Canadian Crusade
Canadian Dental Association : Trailer
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Diabetic Spot : Symptoms
Canadian Firsts
Canadian Fisheries
Canadian Fruit
Canadian Gold
Canadian Grain
Canadian Grand Prix : The Mythmakers
Canadian Handicrafts : Cheticamp Rugs
Canadian Headlines of 1946
Canadian Headlines of 1947
Canadian Headlines of 1948
Canadian Headlines of 1949
Canadian Headlines of 1950
Canadian Headlines of 1951
Canadian Headlines of 1952
Canadian Highlanders Hold Mountain Meet
Canadian Identity
Canadian Landscape
Canadian Light Alloy Assault Bridge
Canadian Literature
Canadian Mountain Summer
Canadian National Pictorial
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Post-World War II Version]
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Wartime Versions]
Canadian Pattern
Canadian Pictorial News
Canadian Pipeline
Canadian Playground Lake Louise : The Crown Jewel of the Canadian Rockies - A Saphire Set In Snowpeaks
Canadian Portrait
Canadian Power
Canadian Products : On Which the Sun Never Sets
Canadian Products and Industries
Canadian Rockies Holiday
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1962
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1963