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The Queen's Plate : Canadian Tradition
The Quiet Betrayal
The Radiant Rockies
The Return of Milton Whitty
The Return of the Buffalo
The Revolution Is Now
The Right Approach
The Ring-Billed Gull
The Ring-Necked Pheasant
The River Must Live
The Road to Keltic
The Road to Plenty
The Road to Recovery
The Roaring Game
The Rocks of Elora
The Romance of a River
The Romance of Huronia
The Rowdyman
The Royal Canadian Dragoons
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride
The Royal Tour of Canada
The Royal Tour of Canada
The Royal Visit
The Rugged Road to Learning
The Rustler
The Sacred Circle
The Sacred Circle - Recovery
The Sad Phoenician and Friends : A Trio for Sculpture, Words and Music
The Saga of Safety Sam
The Same Is My Brother
The Sand Barrier
The School of Papermaking of the Province of Quebec
The Science of Hockey : The Face Off
The Scientific Revolution
The Scribe
The Seagram Collection of the Cities of Canada
The Seal of Prevention
The Seaport of the Prairies
The Search Continues
The Search for Truth
The Seasons
The Second Gift
The Secret Years of Eldorado
The Sensitive Sockeye
The Sentencing Dilemma
The Sergeant Sees It Through
The Seventh Bee Hive Giant Slalom
The Shell 4000 1963
The Shield
The Shining Mountains
The Shuswap Indians of British Columbia
The Silver Fox Industry of Canada
The Sinews of Industry
The Snows of Garibaldi
The Solar Frontier
The Solid Lands
The Song that Reached His Heart. A Story of the Lumber Regions of Western Canada
The Southern Uplands
The Sower : [trailer]
The Speech Chain
The Sports Parade : The Royal Mounties
The Spy of Nictau
The Squaw Rapids Story
The St. Lawrence Sea-Way
The Stage Is a World
The Stage Is a World, Part One
The Stage Is a World, Part Two
The Stanley Cup Finals 1954
The Stone that Burns
The Story of a Blouse
The Story of a Brush
The Story of a Country Doctor
The Story of a Duchess
The Story of Canadian Salmon
The Story of Cellophane
The Story of Meat in Canada
The Story of the 44th Canadian Open Golf Championship
The Story of Weed-Bane
The Story of Wine in Canada
The Summer Before
The Sun
The Sun Don't Shine on the Damwe Dawg's Back All the Time
The Sunwheat Way
The Supertest Ladies Open Golf Championship 1967
The Sweet and the Bitter
The Swimming Sea Anemone Stomphia Coccinea and Its Response to Its Commensal
The Takeover Game
The Tales of the Wizard of Oz : Brain Child
The Tall Country
The Teens
The Ten Parts of Canada : On the Side of Angels
The Terrible Twos and the Trusting Threes
The Third Eye
The Thousand Days
The Tide of Immigration
The Tigers that Bloom in the Spring
The Torch
The Toronto Star
The Town and the Mill, As Told by Andy Clark
The Toymaker
The Tragicall Hiftorie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke
The Trail : Men Against the Snow
The Train Bugs
The Treehouse
The Triangle Tour
The Triumph of 2-4D
The Trout Lake Cree
The Truesteel Affair
The Turf King '51
The Twin Cities
The Tynagh Mine Opening
The Typing Battle of the Century
The Ultimate Forest
The Undefended Frontier
The Underwood Story
The Unending Search
The Uneventful Day
The Unquiet Forest
The Unveiling of the Artillery Memorial
The Uses of Explosives in Clearing New Farms and Rejuvenating Old Ones
The Vacation Land of Algoma
The Valiant Challenge
The Vatican
The Venereal Diseases
The Village
The Visible Woman
The Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother the Queen's Plate
The Vital Giant
The Want of a Suitable Playhouse
The Waterloo Trip
The Way It Was
The Way of the Willow
The Wealth of the Nation
The Week of Awards 1965
The Week of the Awards 1966
The Westminster of the West
The Wetlanders
The Winner's Touch
The Winning of Nickel
The Winter Camp and Cooking
The Wool that Will Not Shrink
The Work of the Coopérative Fédérée de Québec
The World Is Watching
The World of Mr. Hockey
The World's Greatest Photography Course with Lief Ericksenn
The Wreckers
The Year of the Crown for Art Wall Jr.
The Years, the Seasons and the Days
The Young Professionals
There Is Still Time
There's the Land... Have You Seen It
Thermal Snow Melters
These Names Live On
They Come to Huronia
They Didn't Have to Die
They Hear More Than We Say
They're Biting Good
Thin Line
Things You Ought to Know About Your Town
Thinking of You
This Changing World
This Fabulous Fibre
This Generation
This Generation : A Prairie Romance
This Is a Film About Farming
This Is Alberta
This Is Aluminum
This Is Canada
This Is Colour
This Is Husky
This Is Litton Systems (Canada) Limited
This Is Marshall Mcluhan : The Medium Is the Massage
This Is My Invention
This Is Nova Scotia
This Is Oil : Prospecting for Petroleum
This Is Simon Fraser University
This Is Stompin' Tom
This Is Volleyball : Official Technique Film of the 1976 Olympics
This Modern Age
This Most Gallant Affair
This Nuclear Age
This Town Is Ours
This Vibrant Land : The Group of Seven
This Was Expo 67
This World of Ours -- Manitoba
Thompson, Manitoba - Winter 1969/1970
Those Roos Boys and Friends
Those Were the Good Old Days
Those Who Mind the Store
Three for Health
Three Steps to the Slide Delivery
Three Trout to Dream About
Through Canada's Rockies
Through the Northwest Passage
Through the Wine Glass
Through the Woods
Through These Doors
Thursday's Eartha
Tidal Workshop