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The Five Faces of Quebec
The Flying Lambs
The Flying Wallendas
The Food Connection
The Fourth Annual Bee Hive Giant Slalom
The Fragile Mountain
The Frontier Land
The Fruitful Earth
The Frustrating Fours and the Fascinating Fives
The Fur Industry in Canada
The Gaels of Cape Breton
The Game and Equipment
The Gap
The Gasline
The Gateway of the North : City of North Bay
The Generator and the Motor
The Geography of Canada
The George Retzlaff Story
The Gold Cup Comes Home
The Golden Leaf
The Golden Triangle
The Gordie Howe Story
The Grand Festival
The Grand Tour
The Great American Goose Egg Co. of Canada Ltd.
The Great Arctic Seal Hunt
The Great Danish from Denmark
The Great Divide
The Great Essential
The Great Lakes
The Great Potential
The Great River
The Great Toronto Fire
The Grey Cup
The Grey Cup Cavalcade
The Handoff
The Hands Are Sure
The Happy Hunting Ground
The Harbour Bridge
The Harp Seal
The Hay Stack Murder
The Heimay Eruption
The Helicopter at Work
The Herring Hunters
The Hidden Treasure
The High Life
The Higher Life
The History of a Grain of Wheat
The Home
The Home Economics Story
The Home of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada
The Hooded Seal
The Hopper
The House the Wasp Built
The Hydrographers... A Training Survey
The Ice and Captain Fournier
The Igloo Dwellers
The Ileostomist
The Incredible Forest
The Independents
The Inner Mind of Milton Whitty
The Inside Story
The International Auto Warranty
The Invisible French
The Invisible River
The Jet Age
The Job
The King's Highway
The King's Man
The Kinsmen
The Kitimat Story
The KP-600 Air Compressor for Tractor Mounted Drilling Power
The Kwakiutl of British Columbia
The Lady Scott Tournament
The Lake of the Hanging Glaciers
The Land Is the Culture : The Case for the B.C. Indian Land Claims
The Land of Ancestral Gods
The Land of Niagara
The Land of Rivers
The Last Frontier
The Lastex Story
The Laurentians : Mountain Playground of the Province of Québec, Canada
The Librarian
The Life Insurance Story
The Light That Shall Not Fail
The Lions' Gate Bridge
The Lisbon Mine Story
The Little Black Bag
The Little Grey Cup Game
The Living Blueprint
The Living City
The Long Furrow
The Long Silence
The Loon's Necklace
The Luck of Ginger Coffey
The Lure of Montreal
The Lure of Quebec
The Lure of the Labrador
The Magic Mirror
The Magic of Milk
The Majesty of Mink
The Making of Spartree
The Man from Sotheby's
The Man Who Skied Down Everest
The Man Who Walked Baby Back Home
The Man with a Thousand Hands
The Management of Urban Growth and Land Use
The Manufacture of "Bonna" Steel Cylinder Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe
The Manufacture of Woollen Cloth
The Mapleville Story
The Mapmakers
The Marsh
The Marvellous Mineral
The Maturing Female
The Maze : The Story of William Kurelek
The Mechanics of War
The Medical Use of Hypnosis
The Mediterranean
The Mennonites of Ontario
The Menopause Story
The Merchant Makers
The Metalmaster
The Metis, Our New Nation People
The Metric Song
The Milky Way
The Mine in the Valley
The Miracle of a Locomotive
The Miracle of Mind and Missile
The Missing Link : The Story of an Airfield in Labrador-Ungava
The Money Go Round
The Moose Spoofer
The Most Picturesque Spot in North America
The Most Unlikely Millionaire
The Mudslingers
The Museum Train
The Music Machine : Sackbut
The Musical Ride
The Muskoka Story
The Nation Builders
The Nation's Business : Policies for People and Policies for Progress
The National
The National Parks of Canada
The Natural Choice : Pacific Coast Hemlock
The Nature of Light
The Navy Goes North
The Navy League Makes a Signal
The Netsilik Eskimo Today
The New Age of Iron
The New Art of Cooking
The New Baby
The New Colleges
The New Niagara
The Newcomers : 1740 the French
The Newcomers : 1832 the Scots
The Newcomers : 1847 the Irish
The Newcomers : 1911 the Danes
The Newcomers : 1927 the Ukranians
The Newcomers : 1978 the Italians
The Newcomers : The Prologue
The Newfoundland Cruise
The Nightingale
The Ninth Element
The Noranda Enterprise
The Noranda Enterprise
The Norwich Plan for Downtown Restoration
The Nova Scotia Song : Conversations with Helen Creighton
The Number One Post Shall be at the North East Corner
The Observer : Bank Holdup
The Office of Prime Minister
The Oil Seekers
The Old Corner Store Will Be Knocked Down by the Wreckers
The Order of Good Cheer
The Other Ones
The Other Side of the River
The Outside Run
The Oxy-Acetylene Depositing of Stellite
The Pacesetter
The Patient Men
The Perpetual Harvest
The Pile of Bones
The Pioneer
The Pioneer Chain Saws Safety
The Playground of a Continent
The Ploughing Match 1922
The Plywood Story
The Potato and Mrs. Kelly
The Power Play
The Power to Grow
The Power Within
The Powerful Horseshoe
The Prairie
The Pre-Approach
The President's Speech : President of General Motors
The Prevention of Disability in Rheumatoid Arthritis
The Prince of Wales in Canada
The Principles of Inhalation Anesthesia in Domestic Animals
The Protestant Schools of Gaspé
The Provincial Plowing Match
The Quality of a Nation
The Quality of Mercy