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Secrets of Chinatown
Seeds of Research
Seeing Canada : The Harvest of the Sugar Maple Tree
Seeing Canada with the Teachers
Seeing Colour
Seeing Is the Biggest Thing in Selling
Selected Al Purdy
Selling Out
Selling Your Personality
Sense Into Dollars
Séparation de jumeaux ischiopages
Sept plus sept
Serpent River Paddlers
Service des machines aratoires en temps de guerre
Settling the Shield
Sex and Gender
Sex, Booze and Blues and Those Pills You Use
Sexuality and Communication
Shades of Red
Shadow River
Shanghai Hangchow and Nanking
Shaping Tomorrow's Landmarks
Share the Flame : Calgary '88. The Official Film of the XV Olympic Winter Games
Shawinigan Power
She Climbs to Conquer
She Climbs to Conquer
She Walks in Beauty
Shell 4000 1962
Shell Freestyle Ski Camp Fortune
Shell Ski Jump 70 Meter
Shell Ski Jump 90 Meters
Shelter Construction in Winter
Shooting Is Fun
Shop Talk
Shot Gun Lady
Should You Drink?
Shuswap Indians of British Columbia
Si par malheur...
Si tu t'en souviens
Sibling Relations and Personality
Sifto Salt
Sightlines : A Visual Encyclopedia for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities
Silhouettes et marottes
Silos for the Farm
Silver Harvest
Sinews of Industry
Sir John's Home Town
Sir Tony
Sitzmarks the Spot
Sixteen to Twenty-Six
Skating Carnival
Sketchy Skiing
Ski à Québec
Ski in the Sky
Ski in the Valley of the Saints
Ski Moderne
Ski Test International
Ski Trails of New France
Ski West
Ski-Time in the Rockies
Skifari in the Canadian Rockies
Skiing in Cloudland
Skiing in Cloudland
Skiing in the Laurentians
Skipping Principles and Team Responsabilities
Sky Fishing
Sky Trails in the Bear Country
Sky Watch on 55
Skyland by Horse
Skyland Winter
Skyline Skiing
Skyline Trails
Slides on Film
Smelter Fires
Smoking : It's Up to You
Snow Fighters
Snow Hills of Quebec
Snowmobile Safety : Television Public Service Announcement
Snowtime Holiday
Snowtime in Quebec
Social Acceptability
Social Development
Social Psychology : What, Why And How?
Social Psychology and Hypnosis
Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence
Soil Physics
Soil, Seeds and Sunshine
Soils of Alberta
Soleil d'hiver
Solo Survival
Solutions : Canadian Transit Technology
Some Are Sunfishers
Some Concepts in Reaction Dynamics
Some of Us
Some Water Powers of Eastern Canada
Something About Typography
Something Concrete : Safety in Concrete Construction
Something Personal
Something to Chew On
Something to Crow About
Song for a Miner
Song the Map Sings
Song the Map Sings
Sons of Captain Poetry
Sortilège du feu
Sorting Out Sorting
Sous le masque
Southward Away
Special Olympics 1978
Special Olympics : Hi, Look Us Over
Speckled Trout
Speeding the Spoken Word
Spinning for Speckles
Spirit of Algonquin
Spirit of Service
Spirit of Stone
Sport of Orienteering
Sport Parachuting
Sporting Waters
Sports Cavalcade
Sportsman's Seventh Heaven
Sportsmen Show
Spotlight No. 1
Spotlight No. 2
Spotlight No. 3
Spotlight No. 4
Spotlight No. 5
Spotlight No. 7
Spraying and Dusting Fruit Trees
Spring Fever
St. George's and the Dragons
St. John Ambulance in Canada
St. Laurent : The Man and His Country
St. Lawrence River Ice Investigation
St. Pascal
St. Roch Sails South
Stainless Steel in Architecture
Stampede Chuckwagon
Stampede Family Fare
Stampede Fever
Stampede in Scarlett
Stampede Pot Pourri
Stampede Royale
Stampede Theatrical
Stampede to Snowcaps
Stand by for Life
Star Maple Leaf Indoor Games
Start of a Lifetime
Starting Circuit Testing
State Funeral of the Late Right Honourable Sir Wilfred Laurier Feb. 22nd, 1919
Statesman in the Making
Station 51 : A Night's Work
Steel for Canadians
Steel for the West
Stereotyping and Prejudice
Stocking Romance
Stones of Angkor
Stoney Indians of Alberta
Story of a General
Story of St. Nick
Story of the Canadian National Exhibtion
Strange Doings in Beaverland
Straw Cramp and Pony Stifle
Structural Aluminum Fabrication
Structure des protéines globulaires
Structure et fonction des enzymes
Student Life in Canada
Subterranean Treasure
Success Story
Sucre d'érable et coopération [1950]
Sucre d'érable et coopération [1955]
Sugar Beets in Southern Alberta
Suite gaspésienne
Summer Idyll
Summer in Old Quebec
Summer Interlude
Summer of the Loucheux : A Portrait of a Northern Indian Family
Summer Resorts in Ontario
Summer Sports at the Seigniory Club, Lucerne-in-Quebec
Sun and Fun in Quebec
Sun, Snow and Fun in Quebec