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Quebec Reel
Québec sous la neige
Quebec Vacation
Quebec Winter Carnival Parade
Quebec Winter Fun
Quebec, Old and New
Queen's Century II
Queen's Engineering
Queen's Field School
Queen's Plate : A Race of Races
Queen's Plate Coronation Day
Queen's University 1841-1926 : 85 Years of Loyal Service
Queen's University at Kingston
Quel Numéro What Number : The Electronic Sweatshop
Questions monétaires
Rabbit Holes, Sticks and Anything Round
Rabies in Ontario
Radar of Selling
Radiation for Industry
Rail Steel in the World of Today
Rails to Romance
Rainbow's End
Rainbows in Quebec
Raise More - For Less
Raising the Gilhast Pole
Ralliements ménagers
Rambles in Gaspesia
Rameurs des glaces
Raphide Emission in Dieffenbachia
Rapid Transit
Reach Out a Friendly Hand
Réalisations techniques au service du public
Realm of the Wild
Rearing Queen Honey Bees
Recreation of Art
Red Carpet
Red Deer Valley
Rediscovery of French River
Reel gigue 1
Reel gigue 2
Refining Copper from the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining Precious Metals from Sudbury Nickel Ores
Refining the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Reflections of the Past
Régales de salades
Regards sur la forêt du Québec
Régie de l'assurance-dépôts
Regina Exhibition
Regroupement scolaire
Rehabilitation Incorporated
Rehabilitation of the Paraplegic Amputee
Reindeer Safari
Rencontre avec Léopold Sedar Senghor
Rencontre des négociants Shell
Renewable Society
Repeat Performance
Réplique des plans
Report on Japan
Report on Japan : No. 2 We Rebuild
Reporting on Board
Reproductive System : The Female Canine
Requiem for a Faith
Rescue Breathing
Research for Tomorrow
Response to Responsibility
Resuscitation from Drowning and Electrical Shock
Retraining in Paraplegia
Revue filmée du téléphone
Rhapsody in Two Languages
Rhythm of a City
Ridin' Around
Riding High : With the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies
Riding High in the Canadian Rockies
Riding the Waves
Rien n'est plus doux que mon foyer
Right from the Start
Right Point of View
Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New
Risser Localizer Cast
River of Canada
River of Paper
Rivers of Romance
Road Block
Road of the Caribou
Road Study Film - Waterloo County 1974
Road to Recovery
Roads to Prosperity
Roads to Reading
Robin Front End Loader
Robin Grain Augur
Robin Hood
Robin Tillage Equipment : 24 Foot Cultivator
Robin Tillage Equipment : The Robin Rod Weeder
Rocky Eden
Rocky Mountain Trout
Rogers Pass
Rogers Pass Progress Report
Roloff Beny : From Here to Antiquity, Part One
Roloff Beny : From Here to Antiquity, Part Two
Romance of Rubberset
Rome : VIP Flight
Roof of the World
Room of Destiny
Rothman's Police Curling
Royal Bank Awards Ceremony
Royal Banners Over Ottawa
Royal Canadian Regiment : A Short Film History
Royal Tribute
Royal Winter Fair
Run Young
Rural Québec Folkways
Russia and Canada
RX for Maryanne
Rye on the Rocks
S.B. Williams Retirement
Sacre de Monseigneur Bernier
Sadler's Wells Ballerina
Safari topologique
Safe Driving
Safety Begins Here
Safety Doesn't Happen
Safety Oriented First Aid
Safety Prevents Sorrow
Safety With Comfort
Saint from North Battleford
Saint John : A Harbour Reborn
Sainte-Anne-de-Roquemaure : Un épilogue à En pays neufs
Salade économique
Salmon for Food
Salmon Run
Salt Water Angling
Salute to Champions
Salvage of the M/V Fort William
Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee : Potash
Saskatchewan Fly Fishing
Saskatchewan Furs from Marsh to Market
Saskatchewan Industries
Saskatchewan Jubilee
Saskatchewan Our University
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool - Price Spreads
Saskatchewan's Pion-era
Satan's Choice
Satellite Communications Canada
Saving by Design : Building with Life Cycle Costing
Saving the Sagas
Scarf Clip Demo
Scarlet and Gold
Scarlet Guardians
Scènes du Haut-Saint-Maurice
Scenes from the 1947 Canadian Open Golf Championship
Scenes from the Crawley Collection
Schenley Awards
Schenley Awards 1961
Schenley Awards 1972
Schenley Awards 1975
Schizophrenia : Catatonic Type
Schizophrenia : Simple Type : Deteriorated
School Bus
School Days at Tech
School Mental Health Service
School Safety Patrols
Science : Seedbed of Industry
Science Simply
Science, Seedbed of Industry
Scotch Cup 1961
Scotch Cup 1962
Scotch Cup 1963
Scotch Cup 1966
Scottish Miner
Scouts '68
Sculptures sur glace
SD-40 Unit Wheelslip Tests
Se bien nourrir pour mieux servir
Sea Fare : Deep Sea
Sea Ice in Canadian Waters : The View from Outer Space
Seal Hunt
Search Unending : The History of Oil Operations in Canada
Search Without End
Seaside Holiday
Seatbelt Safety
Second Look at Canada
Secret Cargo