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Ice Rally in Quebec
Ice Safety
Iceland on the Prairies
Ici et là [1950]
Ici et là [1951]
Ici les Laurentides
Ici maintenant
Ici pas trop autrefois
Ici très autrefois
IDRC : Partners in Research
If Brains Were Dynamite, You Wouldn't Have Enough to Blow Your Nose
If You're Happy
The Igloo Dwellers
Ikpuck the Igloo Dweller
Il faut des fleurs
Il faut du bon lait
Il lance et compte!
L'Île aux Basques
L'Île d'Orléans
L'Île d'Orléans
L'Île d'Orléans, reliquaire d'histoire
L'Île fleurie
L'Île-aux-Grues, terre de sérénité
The Ileostomist
Les Îles du Saint-Laurent
Les Îles Mingan
Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Illingworth Kerr... Landscapes
Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis
Ils sont tous nos enfants
Images de Noël au pays de Québec
Immediate Action
[Impact of Power and Pulp on Prince George]
Imperial Esso Service Centre Survey
Imperial Oil on Camera
Impressions, Formation and Interpersonal Attraction
In All Thy Sons Command
In Canadian Fjords
In Exile : American Draft Resisters and Deserters in Canada
In Lumberland
In Old Quebec
In Old Toronto
In the Balance
In the Shadow of the Pole
In the Woodland
In Time of Trouble
In Vulcan's Workshop
The Incredible Forest
The Independents
[Indexage des pommes de terre]
Indian Days
Indian Days in the Canadian Rockies
Indian Fishing Methods Fraser River
Indian Lake Operations
Indiens de la Mauricie
Les Indiens du Haut Saint-Maurice
Industrial Avenue of the Seaway
Industrial Gateway to Canada
Industrial Uses of Grain
L'Industrie du homard aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine
L'Informatique et la recherche opérationnelle
L'Inlassable recherche
Inner City/Inter City
The Inner Mind of Milton Whitty
Inniun nipatakanu
Innovations for Learning
Inquiry : Smoking and Lung Cancer
Insect Pests of Stored Food
The Inside Story
L'Institut des Arts Graphiques de la province de Québec
Instruction et vie sociale
Integrated Control of Orchard Insects
Integrated Pest Management : How It Works
Inter-Varsity on Campus
The International Auto Warranty
International Soccer
Into the Sunlight
Introduction to Labrador
Inupiatun : In the Manner of The Eskimo
Investing in Canada
Investing Is for Me
Investment in Canada
Invisible Force of Direction
The Invisible French
The Invisible River
Iron and Steel From the Ore Bed to the Smelter
Iron Below
Iron Ore from Labrador
Iron, Fire and Men
Is it Le/zher or Lezh/er?
Is This Love?
Islands of the St. Lawrence
It Didn't Have to Happen
"It Feels Like You're Out of this World..." - Experiencing Learning Disabilities
It Happens
It Isn't a Game
It Pays to Be Trained
It Shall Not Return... Void
It Starts at the Top
It Starts with a Whisper
It Takes Two to Crosswalk
It's Asbestos
It's Good to Be Back
It's in the Cards
It's Not Your Imagination
It's Your Job
Items of Interest
It’s the People That Count
J'apprivoise l'inconnu: l'accouchement naturel
Jack Bush
Jack Chambers : A Retrospective
Jackpine Journey
Jamaica Flavour
Jamaica Sings
Jamboree Diary
Jamboree of Achievement
Japanese Garden
Le Jardin botanique de Montréal
Le Jardin zoologique de Québec
Jasper and Mount Robson
Jasper Holiday
Jasper Trails
Je fabrique des décorations de Noël
Je fabrique une crèche
Je fabrique une étoile
Je m'universifie
Le Jean Richard
Jenny's Arctic Diary
The Jet Age
Jet in Flight
Jeunesse rurale
Jeux olympiques spéciaux
The Job
Jobs and Opportunities
Jockey Training
Joe's Busy Day
John Bracken Canadian
John Fisher and the Confederation Train
John Fisher Spots : Centennial Overtures
John McCrae House
Johnston Creek : Erosion by Water and Ice
Journée de vacances
Journey Into Our Heritage
Journey of a News Story
A Journey to Contentment
Journey to Power
Journey to the End of the Year (Parts 1 and 2)
Joy in Living
Les Joyaux du printemps
Judging Elementary Figures
July Jamboree
Jumeaux symétriques
Junior Nations Cup
Just for Me
Ka Ke Ki Ku
Karen Kain, Ballerina
Katei Seikatsu
Kawartha Muskys
Keepers of the Light
[Kennabi] : Boy Scouts Association District of Toronto Scout Reserve
Kenya Beekeeping with the Top Bar Hive
Kerja Sama... Working Together
Kicking Horse Trail
Kids and Cookies
Kimberley in the Kootenays
Kinai Chieftanship
King for a Day
The King's Highway
The King's Man
Kingdom for a Horse
The Kinsmen
The Kitimat Story
Kitkatla : A Community Involvement in Education
Kitsilano Solar House
Klondike Holiday
Know Your Baby
Know Your Suit
Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge of Merchandise : Substitute Selling
Kootenay East
Kootenay Indians of British Columbia
Kootenay Lake Holiday
Kootenay West
Korea Brigade
The KP-600 Air Compressor for Tractor Mounted Drilling Power
Kueste tshe skamit : l'autre monde ou le territoire des âmes
Kumak, the Sleepy Hunter
The Kwakiutl of British Columbia
[La Vache canadienne]
Labatt Challenge Series : Wrap Up 1977
Labatt Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Labatts Canadian Grand Prix Mosport
Labatts Challenge Series : Alberta
Labatts Challenge Series : British Columbia
Labatts Challenge Series : Manitoba
Labatts Challenge Series : Maritimes
Labatts Challenge Series : Ontario
Labatts Challenge Series : Quebec City
Labatts Challenge Series : St. Felicien
Labatts Datsun Freestyle
Labatts Formula 5000 Mosport
Labatts Motor Cross
Labatts Pro Challenge : Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario)
Laboratory Dogs
Labour and Delivery
Le Labour Richard
Labrador Diary
Ladies in Waiting
The Lady Scott Tournament
Lake and River Kayaking
Lake of Bays Regatta
The Lake of the Hanging Glaciers
Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods
Lake Plains and Meltwater
Lake Superior : 'til the Wind Blows Again
Lakehead Nipigon Holiday
Land from the Sea
Land Is Our Culture
The Land Is the Culture : The Case for the B.C. Indian Land Claims
The Land of Ancestral Gods
Land of Blue Water
Land of Bubbling Waters
The Land of Niagara
Land of Promise
The Land of Rivers
Land of Sky Blue Waters
Land of the Blue Tartan
Land of the Overlanders
Land of the Ski-Hawk
Lapins vs poissons
Last Chance for Discovery
The Last Frontier
Last Minute Clothing News
The Lastex Story
Launching the Empress of Canada
Laurentian Ski Week-end in Quebec
Laurentian Snowland
Laurentian Winter Playground
The Laurentians : Mountain Playground of the Province of Québec, Canada
Les Laurentides sous la neige
Leaders for Leisure
Learning to Read Between the Stereotypes
Lease on Life
Leather in Our Lives
La Leçon des mongoliens
Left of the Line
Legend of the Raven
Lest We Forget
Let's Go Fishing
Let's Go Skiing
Let's Go to the Woods
Let's Look at New Brunswick
Let's Look at New Brunswick
Let's Talk Hunting
Liaison III
The Librarian
Lickety-Split Licorice
Life Aboard an Empress
Life and Breath
Life in a Mining Camp
Life in Paris
[Life of a Typical Dentist]
Life Zones of the Central Rockies
Light for the Mind
Light Is for People
The Light That Shall Not Fail
Light with Father
Lighter Side of Trucking
[Ligue antituberculeuse]
Limbs to Order
Lime for the Land's Sake
Le Lin du Canada, deuxième partie : utilisation du lin
Le Lin du Canada, première partie : la culture du lin
Lincoln County : A Century of Harvest
Line in Space : Cone Method
Line in Space : Double Auxiliary Views
Line in Space : Piercing Points
Line in Space : Single Auxiliary Views
Lines to Economy
The Lions' Gate Bridge
Liquid Assets
Liquid Beauty
Liquid Gold
Liquid Lore
The Lisbon Mine Story
Listening : A Key to Problem Solving
Lithic Technology : Microcores and Microblades
Lithic Technology : Pebble, Cobble and Boulder Technology
Lithic Technology : Pressure Flaking
Littérature négro-africaine : critique et littérature : table ronde
Littérature négro-africaine : évolution du roman
Littérature négro-africaine : genèse
Littérature négro-africaine : le théâtre et son histoire
Littérature négro-africaine : roman et esthétique
Littérature négro-africaine : roman et traditions
Littérature négro-africaine : tradition créatrice
Littérature négro-africaine : tradition vivante
The Little Black Bag
Litton Systems Limited
Live It Up in Manitoba at the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival in The Pas
Livestock and Dairying
Livestock at the CNE
The Living Blueprint
The Living City
Living with Diabetes
Local Colour
Location Niagara
La Locomotion
Locomotive 8000
Logging in the Ottawa Valley
Logging Systems and Machine Concepts
London Family and Children's Services
London Is Alive
The Long Furrow
Long Haul
Long Road to Travel
The Long Silence
La Longue marche en institution
A Look Behind the Big B.A.
Look to the Centre
The Loon's Necklace
Loyola Campus, Concordia University
Lumbering in Canada
The Lure of Montreal
The Lure of Quebec
The Lure of the Labrador
Lures and Fins
Lutte à la tordeuse des bourgeons de l'épinette
La Lutte des travailleurs d'hôpitaux
Ma famille
La Machine à vapeur - Physique et rationalité
Machines and Maintenance
[Mackenzie Park]
The Magic Mirror
Magic of the Tropics
Magie des fibres
Main Street Ontario
Maintain the Right
La Maison d'Or
Maîtres chez-nous : la nationalisation de l'électricité expliquée par René Lévesque
The Majesty of Mink
Making a Difference : A Celebration
Making a Totem Pole
Making Blister Copper
Making Life Adjustments
Making Mounties
Making New Canadians
Making of a Newspaper
The Making of Spartree
Making Perfect Pastry
Making Pig Iron
Making Tea Biscuits
La Maladie à différentes étapes de la vie
La Maladie est aussi une affaire de famille
Maladies vénériennes : nommez la personne
Man Alive : Manitoba Alive
Man Made Rain
Man of Kintail
Man on a Mountain Top
The Man with a Thousand Hands
Man's Adaptability to Cold (Polar People)
Man-Made Rain
The Management of Urban Growth and Land Use
Managing Spinal Injury in Sports
Manipulation de la fermeture à glissière
Manitoba : Everyman's Wilderness
Manitoba Festival Country
Manitoba in the Wintertime
Manitoba Trails
Manitoulin Holiday
La Manouan
[The Manufacture and Use of Corrugated Containers]
The Manufacture of "Bonna" Steel Cylinder Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe
The Manufacture of Woollen Cloth
[Manufacturing of Wool Blankets]
The Mapleville Story
The Mapmakers
Marcel Amont à Québec
La Marche et autres activités
La Marée blanche
Margin of Safety
Marguerite Bourgeoys
Marine Holiday West Coast Style
A Maritime Flavour
Maritime Holiday
Market in Action
Marketing Shows the Way
A Married Couple
The Marsh
Marsh Blackbirds
The Marvellous Mineral
Masa Nikel Di Indonesia : The Nickel Age in Indonesia
Master of Fire
Masters Track and Field
Matching Furrows
A Matter of Attitudes
A Matter of Form
A Matter of Importance
A Matter of Job Protection
The Maturing Female
La Mauricie
Maximal Exertion as Monitored by Radio Telemetry
Maxville Highland Games
The Maze : The Story of William Kurelek
McLain of Hudson's Bay : The Fletcher Affair
Me and Sam McGee
Meaning of Adolescence
Meat on the Move
Mécanique du mouvement à l'intention des infirmières
Mécanique du mouvement à l'intention du patient
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanized Pulpwood Harvesting
Le Médecin dit sa façon de penser
Médecine d'aujourd'hui
Médecine vétérinaire
Media - Massaging the Mind
Medical Diagnosis : Abused Child
[Medical Film, Dr. Edward Archibald, McGill University]
The Medical Use of Hypnosis
The Mediterranean
Meet Manitoba
Meet the Ducks
Meeting the Needs of Adolescence
Melody Ranch
Même les petites choses sont importantes
Memo to Mom
La Mémoire du sang : panorama de la poésie négro-africaine
Men at Work
Men of Account
Men of Iron
Men of the Woods
The Menopause Story
Mental Health : An Alberta Public Service
Merchandise Management
The Merchant Makers
Merchants in a Changing Land
Merrywood-on-the Rideau
Merveille rurale
Message de Jean Godbout, fils de l'honorable Premier Ministre
Message du ministre de l'immigration : Mario Beaulieu
A Message from African Healers
Mesures de longeur
The Metalmaster
La Météo protège la forêt
Methods of Family Planning
Methods of Lashing Aerial Cable
Metric Activity Games
Metric Measurement : Length and Area
Metric Measurement : Mass
Metric Measurement : Volume and Capacity
The Metric Song
Metro Toronto : A Municipal Partnership
Metropolitan March
Meuble et décor (ébénisterie)
Mica : Key to the Columbia
Michael Langham on Hamlet
Michel Pellus
Le Miel nectar
Mighty Muskie
A Mile Below the Wheat
[Milk Processing]
[Milk Production]
The Milky Way
Milling and Smelting the Sudbury Nickel Ores
Million Bushel Bin Construction
Millionaires Without a Cent
The Mine in the Valley
Mine to Metal
Miner Family Enterprise
[Mining as Wasting Asset]
Mining for Nickel
Mining Nickel
Miracle at Beauharnois
Le Miracle du curé Chamberland
Miracle Fluid
The Miracle of a Locomotive
Miracle of DDT
The Miracle of Mind and Missile
Miracle of the Bees
Miracle on Every Street