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Canadian Landscape
Canadian Light Alloy Assault Bridge
A Canadian Mosaic
Canadian Mountain Summer
The Canadian National Exhibition
Canadian National Pictorial
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Post-World War II Version]
Canadian Pacific in the Air [Wartime Versions]
The Canadian Pacific Railway : A Picture Story
Canadian Pattern
Canadian Pictorial News
Canadian Pipeline
Canadian Playground Lake Louise : The Crown Jewel of the Canadian Rockies - A Saphire Set In Snowpeaks
Canadian Power
Canadian Products : On Which the Sun Never Sets
Canadian Rockies Holiday
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1962
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1963
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1964
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1965
Canadian Schenley Football Awards 1966
Canadian Ski Alliance : One Good Turn
Canadian Ski Preview
Canadian Travel Film Program : Waterways to Explore
Canadian Travel Film Program : Picture Canada
Canadian Wheat
Canadian Wheat Board
Canadian Woolens for Warmth and Beauty
Les Canadiens sont là
Cancer : The Problem of Early Diagnosis
Le Cancer du tube digestif : problème du diagnostic précoce
Cancer Is a Word
Canine Crimebusters
Canning a River
Canoeing the Churchill River
Canoeing the North Country
Canoeman's Wilderness
Le Canot d'écorce
Cantique de la création
Cantique du soleil
Les Cantons de l'Est : Jardin de la province de Québec
Canyon of Destiny
Cape Breton Island
Capelin Fishing in Atlantic Canada
Les Caravanes de la Confédération
Cardio-Coronary Communication
[Care of Teeth by Children]
Careers in the Newsprint Industry
[Careers of Engineers]
Carleton Is
Carnation Creek
Carnaval à Québec
Carnaval de Québec
Carnival on Skates
Carribbean Tour
The Carrier Indians of British Columbia
Carstairs, Tell the People
The Case of Barbara Parsons
Cast Iron Boiler Assembly
Cast It Down, Tilt It Up
Cast of Three
Castle of Learning
Castors du Québec
Castrol Trillium Rally
The Cat that Cracks the Crude
Cawartha International
Cayuga Victoria Day
Ce que femme veut
Ce que je reçois pour mon argent
Cellophane : Symbol of Progress
Cement Storage and Construction
Centenaire 1934
Centennial Grey Cup
A Century of Canadian Medicine
A Century of Service
Ceramics in Spain
Certo : Jelly and Jam Session
Chabot Solo, Part 1
The Chain Saw Story
Chalk River
The Challenge of Change
Challenge of the 80s
The Challenge of the Labrador
The Challengers
Chambers : Tracks and Gestures
A Champion Is Born
Champions of Endurance
Championship Wrestling
Champlains of Today
A Chance... In Sight
A Change of Pace
Le Chant du Saguenay
Charge from Down Under
Charlie : Charles M. Sternberg, Pioneer Fossil Hunter
Charmes de Québec
The Chartered Accountant in Canada
Chasse et pêche à Kipawa
Chasseurs de demain
Cheenama the Trailmaker : An Indian Idyll of Old Ontario
Cheers for Chubby
Chemical Brush Control
Chemical Valley : Cultivated for Industry
Les Chercheurs d'or
[Chid's First Dental Visit]
Child Abuse : Cradle of Violence
Child Behaviour Equals You : Child Behaviour
Child Care and Development
Child of the Universe
Childbirth... the Changing Sounds
Children in Action
Children's Emotions
Children's Emotions
La Chimie du feu
La Chimie et la pomme de terre
Chimie industrielle (analyse)
China Challenge
China the Ancient
China's Forbidden City
Chinese Community : Wai-Yee and Wah-Hon, British Columbia
The Chippawa Canal
Chiropractic Story
La Chirurgie conservatrice de la rate
Le Choc de la sortie
The Choice Is Yours
Choosing a Doctor
Choosing a House Design
Christmas in Pioneer Times
Christmas Lace
Chronique d'une observation
[The Churchill Falls Development]
Churchill Falls Inauguration
The Cinderella Township
Cinéma négro-africain
A Cinematic View of Kinematics
Le Cinquantenaire des Caisses populaires
Circa 75
The Circle of Magnetism
Circus on Ice
Citadel of Upper Canada
La Cité de Notre-Dame
Citérama "Rostworowski"
A City Is Born
City of Many Faces
City of Playgrounds
City of Rivers
City of Towers
CL-41 Trainer Aircraft
The CL-84 Vistol
The Claim Stakers
Clan Donald : A British Farm Colony
The Classic Egg
The Classic Nipigon
Clean Up Week in Montreal
Clean Water It's Your Decision
Clear Cut Case
Climbing into Canada's Past
La Clog anglaise
Close That Sale
Closed Feed Water System
CNE Aquarama
Coal Gas
Coast Salish Indians of British Columbia
Le Coeur du réseau
Coffee for Canadians
Coffeeland to Canada
Coins for Canada and the World
Cold Facts
[Cold Storage Lockers]
Cold Water : The Silent Killer
Cold Water : The Silent Killer
The Collective Bargaining Process
Colonel By's Town
Color and Texture in Aluminum Finishes
Color for Joy
Colour Does It
Colour in the West
The Colours of Pride
Columbia Maligne
Combine Calvacade
Comment faire un lit d'hôpital
Comment organiser son temps
Comment utiliser mon argent
Committee Meeting
The Common Law
Communication : Barriers and Pathways
Communication à 13 ans
Communist North Vietnam
Community Health Is Up to You
Community Organization
Comté de Montmorency
Concerning Studded Tires
Concerning Studded Tires / After Studded Tires
Les Conditions de l'enseignement au secondaire
Condom Application for Urinary Incontinence
Cone in Space
Confederation Train
Confined Space Hazards
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Carinatum
Congenital Anomalies : Pectus Excavatum
[Congrès eucharistique de Québec]
Congrès eucharistique trifluvien
Le Congrès marial
Le Congrès marial national
Congrès marial Ottawa juin 1947
Conquérants pacifiques
The Conquest of Time
Conquête constructive
Consécration épiscopale et première messe pontificale de Son Excellence Monseigneur Bruno Desrochers, premier évêque de Sainte-Anne, septembre 1951
La Construction
The Construction of a Bituminous Penetration Road
The Construction of a Concrete Highway
The Construction of a Gravel Road
The Construction of Canada's Largest Apartment Building
The Construction of the Chute des Georges Power Development on the Shipshaw River
[Construction that Endures]
The Constructive Inconvenience
Construisez pour la vie
Le Contrôle laitier
Cool Roots
[Copper Production]
The Coppermetals
A Coronary
Les Corps érotiques
Corral and Cree Indians
The Cosmic Connection
Cotton Made in Canada
Les Couches chaudes
Countdown Canada
Counter Attack
Cours audio-visuel de français, langue seconde
Cours d'hôtellerie à Rivière-du-Loup
Course en canot
Courses de pigeons
Courses de serpents des neiges
Cowboy's Holiday
CP Hotels
Craftsmen at Work
Craftsmen of Canada
Cranberry Village
Craning with Confidence
The Cream Industry
Creating a Storyboard
Creating Space
La Création du Jardin Botanique
Creative Dance with Joyce Boorman
Creative Drama
Le Credo du paysan
Cree Lake
Croisière de Québec aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine, dans le Golfe Saint-Laurent
La Croix et l'épée
Crops Not Weeds
Cross Canada Sports Clinic
Cross Country on Skis
Crow Rate 1982
A Cruise for Sunday
Cruising the Inland Seas
Cruising the Mediterranean
Cruising to South Africa
Cry for Help
The Cry of the Gull
Crystal Ballet
A Crystal from the Sun
Culling Hens
La Culture de la betterave à sucre
La Culture maraîchère en évolution
Current Gossip
CUSO in Agriculture
CUSO in East and Central Africa
CUSO in Education
CUSO in Forestry : Malaysia
CUSO in Health
CUSO in Technology
CUSO in the Caribbean
A Cut Above
Le Cycle de l'eau
D'une part
D.C.I.E.M. Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine
Dad and I
Dangerous Journey
Danish Seining
...dans l'temps du carnaval
Dans le bois
Dans les bois du Québec
David Suzuki
David Thompson the Pathfinder
David Thompson, Map Maker : 1837
Day at Head Office
A Day at Polymer
A Day at the Calgary Zoo
The Day the Sayward Died
Daycare : The Newest Tradition
Daylight in the Swamp
DC-8 Food Film
DC-8 Interiors
De fil en étoffe
De l'eau à la bouche
Dead on the Level
Deas Island Tunnel
Death of a Delta
The Deathless Splendour of Our Glorious Dead
Decade in the Air
Decision to Drill
Défrichement motorisé
Delivering the Goods
Démonstrations religieuses trifluviennes
[Dental Profession]
Dentelles de métal (fer forgé)
[Dentistry as a Career]
[Dentistry Through the Ages]
Department of Highways Historical
La Déplétion potassique : l'importance de la prévention
A Depression
Des acres en gain
Des outils hors de prix : les mains
Des petits soins qui font grand bien
Des Trois-Rivières à la Rivière-au-Rat visite à La Pierre, Trois-Rivières
Design for Swimming
Design to Music
Destination U.K.
Le Deuxième souffle
Developing Natural Resource
Développement minier aux Sept-Îles
Le Développement minier de Havre St-Pierre
Le Diagnostic et l'évaluation
Dialogue and Definitions for the Third World
Dialogue avec la terre
Le Dialogue se fait à deux
Les Diamants du Canada
Did You Know That?
Did You Know That? Eighth Edition
Did You Know That? Fifth Edition
Did You Know That? Fourth Edition
Did You Know That? Second Edition
Did You Know That? Sixth Edition
Did You Know That? Third Edition
Diesel Race Car
La Diététique
Dimensions de la classe
Direct Observation of the Flow of Molten Steel in Sand Moulds, Part One : Horizontal Gating Systems for Steel Castings
The Disability Myth, Part 1 : Segregation
The Disability Myth, Part 2 : Employment : Beggars Can't Be Choosers
Discipline During Adolescence
Discover Nova Scotia
[Discovery of the Tomato and Its Use Through the Years]
Dislocating and Stacking Faults
Distant Cousins
District Nurse
Divine Comedy in Castlegar, B.C.
Do It with Joy
A Doctor with Care
Dogrib Treaty
Dogs at Work
Doing More for Less
Dominion Day Crowds Witness World Champion Sprinters in Action at Hastings Park
[Dominion Steel and Coal Corp.]
Don Bosco
Don't Call Me Stupid
Don't Drown
Don't Take It Easy
Doorstep of Opportunity
The Dosco Story
A Double in Bluefins
Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station
Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station : Design and Construction
Down by the Sea
Downside Adjustments
Downstream to the Sea
Le Drapeau de la province de Québec
Draw, Stretch and Stamp
Drift River Alaska
The Drill Press
Drilling for Oil
Drilling to a Layout and Spotfacing a Cast Iron Valve Body
Drilling, Boring and Reaming Work
Driver Training : Life Is Worth the Living
Drugs and Medicines : Using Them Safely
Drugs and Medicines : Where They Come From
Drumming and Glossolalia
Du Maurier International 1966
Du Maurier International 1967
Du Maurier International 1968 a World Cup Event
Du rendement présent et futur produit
Duck Havens
Duel in the Pool
Dupont Tires
Dutch Treat
Duties of a Secretary
E. Lindner
Each Year They Come
Eagles on the River
Early Detection of Scoliosis
Early Years
Eastward Ho
L'Eau de Montréal
L'Eau et l'hygiène
Ébauche d'un film: La Mauricie
Echoes of War and Peace
L'École de papeterie de la province de Québec
L'École des textiles de la province de Québec
L'École du succès
L'École nouvelle
Écoles de bonheur
Écoles et écoliers
[Les Écoles ménagères provinciales]
Écoles ménagères régionales
Économat - l'économiste
Écoutez, observez... et notez
Edge of Evolution
Edmonton Klondike Days
Edmonton Omniplex
Education and Recreation
L'Éducation au Québec
Education for Childbirth : A Normal Birth
The Education of the New Canadian
Éducation physique
The Educational Playgrounds
The Effects of Restriction During Early Life on the Behavior of the Dog
The Effects of Streptomycin on the Reproduction of Bacillary and Ovoid Cells of Escherichia Coli
L'Effet de la toxine staphylococcique alpha sur les cellules d'embryon de poulet normal
Efficient Pulpwood Handling
[Egg Dishes]
Eight Day Year
The Eight Sea
Electrical Strain Gauge Mounting
Electricity on the Farm
Electrified Farming
The Electronic Highway
The Elements of Brickwork
Elephant Country
L'Élevage du mouton
L'Élevage du vison : conseils pratiques
Eleven Days
Elliot Lake Northern Lifestyle
Embellissons notre province
Emotional Factors in General Practice : Their Recognition and Management
Emotional Maturity
Les Émotions de la pêche dans le Québec
Empress of Canada
En avant Lafontaine
En dépit du rocher
En Mauricie
En montagne
En pays neuf : un documentaire sur l'Abitibi
En pays pittoresque : un documentaire sur la Gaspésie
En r'venant de St-Hilarion
En taquinant la truite
En Voyage
Enchanted Lake Louise and Trails of Beauty
End of One
Energetically Yours
Energy Forever : Newfoundland and Canada Meeting the Challenge of Labrador Power Development
Energy from the Atom
Energy in Canada, Feast or Famine?
Energy Management for the Future
L'Enfant et les mathématiques
English Training for Canadian Farming
Enjoy It -- Then Make Sure It's Out
Enjoy or Destroy
L'Ennemi dans la pommeraie
Les Ennemis de la pomme de terre
Enough and for All
The Entertainers
Environment for Learning
Envy : It Serves Him Right
Les Éperlans
Epidural Anaesthesia for Vaginal Delivery in Obstetrics
Episode in Valleydale
Equal to Marquis
Equality for Agriculture
Equilibrium très mince
Equine Breeding : Methods and Technique
Erie's Shore
Eruption on Heimaey