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Marilyn A. Belec
Mariner Films
Mark Olson
Marlin Motion Pictures
Martin Alford
Marvin Bernstein Productions
Marvin Melnyk Associates
Mary Jane Gomes
Mary Louise Lynde
Mass Media (Quebec)
Master Film Studios
Maurice Gagnon
Maurice Montgrain
Maurice Proulx
Maxine Samuels Productions
Maxwell A. Sendell Film Productions
May Watkis
Mayfair Productions
McGill University
McGraw-Hill Book Co.
McGraw-Hill Co. of Canada
Mclean Productions
McMaster University
Mead Johnson Co.
Media House Productions
Media Lab Productions
Medical Branch Royal Canadian Air Force
Medical Films
Mel Thistle
Mellenco Film
Melvana Communications Group
Mendelson Film Patrol
Mercer Film Productions
Merck Sharp and Dohme
Mercury Pictures
Meridian Films
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp
Metropolitan Educational TV
Michael Alexander
Michael Crosby
Michael Gebhardt
Michael Hind-Smith
Michael McMillan
Michael Ondaatje
Michael Spencer
Michael Woodward
Michal Crawley
Michel Moreau
Michel Morisset
Michel Préfontaine
Michel Vergnes
Michèle Renaud-Molnar
Micheline O'Shaugnessy
Mike Lente Films
Mike Mahoney
Millar Studio
Millard Film Services
Ministar Film Productions
Ministère de l'éducation du Québec
Ministère des communications du Québec
Minotaur Film Productions
Missionary Audio Visual College
MKB Productions
Mobius Productions
Mojack Film
Mongrel Media
Montaigne Cine Productions
Montain Giraffe Films in Motion
Montero-Fulton Productions
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Moreland-Latchford Productions
Morley Markson and Associates
Motion Picture Centre
Motion Picture Video Corp.
Motion Skreenadz
Mount Royal College
Movietone News
Moving Images
MPO Productions
Muddy York Motion Pictures
Multimédia audiovisuel Montréal
Multiscreen Corp.
Murray Briskin
Murray H. Chercover
Murray Markowitz
Mutual Films Corp.
Mutual Productions
Mysa Productions
Nancy Beffa
Nat Clavier Productions
National Audubon Society
National Film Board of Canada : Office national du film du Canada
National Gallery of Art
National Motion Picture Co.
National Museum of Canada
National Museum of Canada : Department of Mines
National Parks Bureau
National Parks of Canada
National Research Council of Canada
National Safety Council
National Technicolour Committee
Nature Films
Neal Livingston
Neil Craig Production
Neil Grieve
Neill McKee
Nevil Pike
New Brunswick Forest Protection Services
New View Production
Newfoundland Travel Bureau
Niagara Films
Nick Ketchum
Nielsen-Ferns Productions
Niles-Bement-Pond Co.
Nimbus Films
Nobuto Horiba
Noel Dodds Film Productions
Nomad Films
Norman B. Hathaway Associates
North Americain Indian Films
North American Productions
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Northern Canada Film Productions of New Liskeard
Northern Latitude Productions
Northern Pictures
Northland Pictures
Nova Films
Nova Scotia Bureau of Information
Nova Scotia Communications and Information Centre
Nova Scotia Department of Industry and Publicity
Nova Scotia Film Bureau
Nova Scotia Information Service
O'Leary Productions
Office de radio-télédiffusion du Québec
Office du film du Québec
Office France-Québec
Okexnon Film Productions
Oldrich Vaclavek
Olds College
Olympic Films
Omega Productions
On/Film Productions
Ontario Agricultural College
Ontario Department of Education Youth and Recreation Branch
Ontario Department of Energy and Resources
Ontario Department of Transport
Ontario Educational Communications Authority
Ontario Housing Corp.
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Ontario Motion Picture Bureau
Ontario Provincial Parks Film Production
Ontario Veterinary College
Onyx Films
Organisation mondiale de la santé
Orleans Productions
Ormal Sprungman
Oscar Films
Ottawa Film Unit
Out of a Hat Productions
Owen Murphy Productions
P-F Productions
Pageant Productions
Palette Productions
Palmar Production Enterprises
Panorama Film Studios
Paradise Films
Paramount Communications
Paridel Productions
Parker Film Associates
Parry Films
Pascal Gélinas
Pastiche Productions
Pat Dowling Pictures
Pat Ferns
Pathe Humphries of Canada
Pathé News
Pathéscope of Canada
Patrick Watson
Patterson Productions
Paul Almond
Paul Fritz-Nemeth
Paul Hance Productions
Paul Harris
Paul Herriott Productions
Paul Kimberly
Paul Meincke
Paul Vézina
Pen Densham
Penny Grey
Perusahaan Film Negara
Pete Bikaunieks
Peter C. Lent
Peter Cock
Peter Cook
Peter d'Entremont
Peter Elliott Services
Peter Gerretsen Productions